Why Lineage must be the Standard for Federal, State, or Municipal Repair

National Assembly of American Slavery Descendants


To be recognized as a people from a place with a heritage is foundational to liberation.”

— Jovan Scott Lewis

LAUREL, MD, USA, April 13, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The historic California bill AB3121 established the California Reparations Task Force, which recently altered the trajectory of how the nation must come to view the justice claim of the heirs to the legacy of Reparations. In a narrow vote of 5 to 4, the California Task Force defined the community of eligibility based on lineage determined by an individual being an African American descendant of a chattel enslaved person or the descendent of a Free Black Person living in the United States prior to the end of the 19th Century.

This National Assembly of American Slavery Descendants (NAASD) is committed to educating and training American Freedmen, who are the Black American Descendants of US Chattel Slavery, on civic engagement nationwide. By training advocates on the political process, proper non-profit formation, policy writing and an array of other skills, we ensure that members can self advocate at all levels of government. Our mission serves to empower the future generations of American Freedman to preserve our unique lineage and culture for decades to come, while advancing principles that heal America and preserve democracy for all.

NAASD fully supports the California Reparations Task Force’s decision to uphold a lineage standard for reparations. We believe lineage based repair reaffirms Special Field Order No. 15, Circular No. 15, issued by General William Tecumseh Sherman under the authority of the Freedmen’s Bureau. This was the field order authorizing 40 acres of land and a mule to be distributed to the formerly enslaved. This is where Congressional Bill HR 40, Commission to Study and Develop Reparations Proposals for African Americans Act, sponsored by Sheila Jackson Lee, derives its name and we hope HR40 will conform to the California standard. Lineage based repair is the natural extension of the Ex-Slave Pension Movement that began with Congressional Bill HR11119, sponsored by Rep William Connell of Nebraska in 1890. Callie D. House and Isaiah H. Dickerson, pioneering self advocates, lead the Ex Slave Mutual Relief, Bounty and Pension Association of the United States.

Our ancestors endured Hereditary Slavery Laws, Casual Killing Act laws, and Jim Crow laws that lasted from 1865 to 1968. These state laws and other state sanctioned black codes serve as the basis for our justice claim, which demands repair be made to the descendants (those standing in the shoes of) American Freedmen. This position is the most constitutionally sound. We acknowledge the Coalition for a Just and Equitable California (CJEC) under the leadership of Chris Lodgson and Tiffany Quarles, who embody the grassroots passion of Isaiah Dickerson and Callie House, that is leading this California reparations effort. We salute the American Redress Coalition of California (ARCC), NAASD Los Angeles and all of the organizers & volunteers across the nation that share in this historic moment!

As California goes, so goes the nation. This is a step in the right direction toward this nation’s atonement for slavery. We hope that every governing body exploring reparations owed to Black Americans moves to define their eligibility based on the lineage standard, as established by the California Reparations Task Force precedent.

The National Assembly of American Slavery Descendants was founded in 2019 to advance reparative policy and legislation for Black American Descendants of U. S. Chattel Slavery and Freedmen.

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Why Lineage must be the Standard for Federal, State, or Municipal Repair 1