Vitrin9 Launches Data-driven Design and Growth Engineering for Startups

Vitrin9 Launches Data-driven Design and Growth Engineering for Startups 1

One of the newest startups in NYC provides data-driven design and product engineering services which helps startups grow and achieve product-market fit faster.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 6, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Representatives of Vitrin9 announced today the official launch of its data-driven design and engineering services meant to help startups exponentially accelerate growth by utilizing detailed user data. The startup’s unique offering is meant to provide other founders with the data visibility required to truly understand their product users, and apply the latest UIUX principle to develop the most user-centric design possible. For clients who are also looking for help creating the product, Vitrin9 offers product engineering services, as well.

“We are very excited about this…” said Nick Spasoff from Vitrin9. “As serial startup founders, we understand the pains and grind founders and executives go through when looking to increase revenue and accelerate growth. The biggest mistake many founders make is the assumption that they “are the user” and understand them well. They keep developing the product and building up features they think are relevant to users (using their own founder intuition), but little attention is paid to the product usability, ease of use, simplicity, and other elements that are actually important to users and can make or break the product. The intuition method can be accurate to a certain extent, but what we offer is a way to validate those assumptions, filter out the ones that are not relevant, and add a layer of user-backed inputs to create a truly user-focused product. This helps keep the product lean, exponentially increases product adoption and conversions, and ultimately helps achieve much faster growth (thus extending the startups runway).”

Nick further explains that their services can best be defined not only as design engineering but also with the more encompassing term of “growth engineering”. This surely is a game changer as we all know how important achieving product-market fit as soon as possible can be for the survival of any startup. It is a fact, that data touches every aspect of our lives, and knowing exactly who your users or type of users are, how they interact with your product, what features they desire, and how you can improve their experience, can be a tremendous competitive advantage.

More specifically, the folks at Vitrin9 revealed that with their services, startups see as much as 300% increase in user conversions, 150% improvement in product adoption, and 40% faster time to market. So far, they have helped more than a dozen NYC-based companies, and have recently started expanding to other areas such as Atlanta and California.

For more information onVitrin9 and their services, you can visit their website at www.vitrin9.com or www.vtirin9.com/work.


About Vitrin9

The company is a provider of data-driven design and product engineering services which helps build highly scalable products with the use of deep user data.

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Vitrin9 Launches Data-driven Design and Growth Engineering for Startups 2