SiteOwl Introduces New Product Suite for Security Integrators and Security Directors

SiteOwl - Security Integration Simplified

SiteOwl – Security Integration Simplified

Cutting edge security platform further refines offering with new product release.

SiteOwl really simplifies security integration for both integrators and their customers.”

— Joseph Ndesandjo

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — SiteOwl LLC, a modern leader in security system information management, today began its rollout of a new suite of digital tools for security integrators and security directors. Dubbed SiteOwl Projects and SiteOwl Live, this pair of software packages further refines the company’s existing toolkit and aims to help users more easily identify how the platform can fit their existing needs.

SiteOwl Projects, targeted specifically toward security integrators, offers a selection of applications created to digitally design and manage field installation projects. Integrators using SiteOwl Projects will gain access to cloud-based collaboration tools, which allow for centralized document storage, seamless handoffs between designers and installation technicians, and real-time coordination between office and field teams. These tools will speed up team workflows, increase efficiencies, and provide new opportunities for data capture and consolidation for jobs in progress.

SiteOwl Live, geared toward both integrator service teams and security directors, is designed to handle security system maintenance, upkeep and ticketing, and other post-installation duties. Corporate security teams can leverage SiteOwl Live’s user-friendly, visual interface to switch away from traditional security information management tools like spreadsheets and paper-based floor plans. With SiteOwl Live, users will see all security information represented as part of their security dashboard and Living Floor Plan™, a visual representation of their security system overlaid atop their building floor plan.

“We’ve always known that our product has two basic customers: integrators and security directors,” said Joseph Ndesandjo, SiteOwl CEO. “With this change, we’ve taken all the features and updates that we’ve added in recent years and packaged them so that they are readily available for the intended user. SiteOwl really simplifies security integration for both integrators and their customers.”

By further refining its product suite in this way, SiteOwl hopes to better equip both sides of its customer base with tools that feel more targeted and accessible while removing features that are more relevant to a different customer profile.

However, while both product suites can work independently of one another, it’s important to note that they are still deeply connected on the back end. Work done by integrators using SiteOwl Projects can be seamlessly transferred to customer accounts using SiteOwl Live. Similarly, integrators service teams can use SiteOwl Live to facilitate repairs, receive tickets, and continue deepening customer relationships through expansive service offerings.

By arming each side of the market with the tools best suited to its niche, SiteOwl hopes to continue pushing the envelope toward better security management, from design and installation through through lifecycle management.

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SiteOwl Introduces New Product Suite for Security Integrators and Security Directors 1