Shewan Rand Opens a Bigger Office in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, KANSAS, UNITED STATES, March 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Shewan Rand is proud to announce that she is launching a new office in Kansas City. This is in response to an increase in demand for her gynecology services.
Since getting into private practice three years ago, Shewan has seen her clientele grow from just a few people to hundreds of clients a week. One of her most significant reasons for choosing to open the new office is to protect clients from the risk of contracting COVID-19. The new office is three times the size of the current one and is better aerated. With its better air circulation and an already existing mask mandate, there will be an almost negligible chance of contracting COVID-19 within her premises. It is part of her strategy to keep clients safe and give them the best services possible, and the new office has already attracted positive reviews for its safety measures.

Through the new office, Shewan hopes to push up the quality of her already highly respected gynecology services. That’s because she has equipped it with the latest gynecology equipment to help diagnose and treat most of the issues that her clients face. One of the equipment that she has procured for her facility is the 12-megapixel display for breast imaging. This recently approved equipment will help her make more accurate breast scans and help more women avoid developing breast cancer and other problems. Shewan has already placed an order for this equipment and expects it to be delivered in early Q2 of 2021. Another essential piece of equipment that she is adding to her new office is a surgical robot. The robot has humanoid arms and can be used for transvaginal hysterectomies. This is a relatively new technology and has only recently received approval from the FDA. It can do different mammography and tomography exams compared to other tools that she has been using in the past. With this tool, she is in a position to do gynecology procedures more accurately and faster. She has already placed an order and expects it to be delivered to her premises in mid-2021. These investments are part of her strategy to make her new office one of the best in Kansas regarding gynecology and related issues.

Shewan is also looking to make the new office a 24-hour gynecology practice and has hired more than 10 medics and supporting staff to help her achieve her goals. Part of the reason for this is to give clients a chance to get emergency help even at night. Her decision followed feedback from her patients, most of whom requested that she starts offering night time emergency services. It was part of the reasons why she chose to move to a new, bigger office, one that can accommodate enough staff to deal with the extra need to have the facility open 24-hours a day.

Going into the future, Shewan has a number of plans laid out for the new office. In the next few months, she will be offering her services at a discount of 20%. This is a way to honor her clients for the support they have given her all through, to the point of requiring an even bigger space to serve them. The discounts will take care of both the existing clients and new ones. She also has a number of other goodies in store that she will make known once fully settled at the new practice.
Shewan also has plans to loop in more insurance plans in her practice. She has already started the process and hopes to have it completed before the end of 2021. Her goal is to make sure that as many people as possible can access her services. She is also working towards introducing a flexible payment plan for those who cannot pay for her services in cash. She has hired a business consulting firm that is helping her out with this process, and it is in advanced stages. Once it is completed, no one will miss out on her services due to a lack of funds.

She has also announced that at her new office, there will be an open day for young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to access her services for free. Shewan stated that her move was informed by the fact that there are so many young women in low-income neighborhoods that need her services but cannot access them. As a result, she has made it her goal to help as many of them as she can. She hopes that by giving them some level of dignity, she can improve their self-confidence and help them become the best they can be when they grow up. The awareness informs her philanthropic move of the challenges she went through as a young girl. Growing up in a low-income family, Shewan struggled with a lot of things, including accessing gynecology services. She is hoping to help at least 100 girls a month with these services. She is also looking into ways to partner with non-profit organizations on how to offer more comprehensive care for such girls. With such partnerships, she aims for a more long term impact on the lives of such girls, without them having to rely directly on her.

Shewan Rand is the proprietor of Shewan Rand Medical Practice, a gynecology clinic based in Kansas City.
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