RavenHalf Releases 1 Story, 2 Songs

RavenHalf Releases 1 Story, 2 Songs 1

This is RavenHalf. The Uprising Multigenric EDM Artist.

Tough Ice 1 & 2 — A Lyrical Masterpiece by the Artist ‘RavenHalf’

SCHWäBISCH GMüND, BADEN-WüRTTEMBERG, GERMANY, November 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — It was about a month ago where the uprising multigenric artist RavenHalf released the first track of his lyrical masterpiece called “Tough Ice”. After that he released a sequel in November 2021 called “Tough Ice 2”. The most special topic about his franchise is that it’s a whole story which is based on his current situation. Based on his facts it’s about a fangirl of a Cartoon Series called “The Amazing World Of Gumball” on the infamous platform called Reddit who thinks that he is the protagonist of the show. He felt quite embarrassed and would unlikely hurt her feelings. he added in his Instagram Story.

In Tough Ice 1, he explains that there is the fangirl on Reddit who makes him go crazy in a negative way. He calls her “Tough Ice”, based on a character from the Show “The Amazing World Of Gumball” called Sarah.

There is the iconic ragga part of the song which is getting loved by hundreds of people. Many of them don’t understand what RavenHalf wants to tell. In our interpretation it is a bit of off-topic, because he was rapping about a killing-spree attached to “Filth Weebs”, probably of people who watches Anime. In our digital E-Mail interview with RavenHalf, he meant that he feels hate on people who talk about Anime with him. He had situations like people making weird squeeky Japanese noises saying “Arigato!” in front of him which made him react allergic to it.

In this so called “Ragga-Part”, he also made fun of Anghami saying “Anghami is all mud” for an unknown reason. In our interview, he refused to tell us the reason why he criticized the large music library platform called Anghami.

He also criticized a famous DJ from UK, who is most likely known of his “Drum n Bass On The Bike” rides. He is Dom Whiting. A man with 100.000s of fans. RavenHalf told us the reason why he did criticize him. They had a conflict in September 2021 where Dom Whiting used one of his songs in his vlog video. According to RavenHalf, Dom texted him on Instagram, saying “I used your track”. RavenHalf was quite happy to hear that at first. Some seconds later, based on RavenHalf’s facts, Dom added “I’ll credit you”. It’s been months and nothing happened. RavenHalf tried to stumble at the beehive politely but he got no answer which made him go skeptical about his behavior. According to more facts by RavenHalf, he was a trustful DJ influencer on YouTube who made fun content like uploads of his livestreams with his self-made DJ-Bike, spreading good summer vibes through every corner of UK.

In November 2021, RavenHalf distributed vibey Drum n Bass song called “Tough Ice 2”. In our interview, he explained that it actually is the sequel of his last song from the franchise called “Tough Ice”, which is the first song of the ‘story-song-series’. He also added that this song is a whole response to the fangirl who keeps identifying RavenHalf as the real Gumball Watterson from a multi-verse. This is the protagonist of the comedy TV show which is called “The Amazing World Of Gumball” which is published by Cartoon Network. In the sequel, he started with “She can never stop drippin” which means that she can’t stop her excitement about RavenHalf. Some lines later he sang “How to leave the spot without tweaking I don’t wanna hurt, don’t wanna wheezin’. This is part 2, I don’t want you to be missin”

The meaning is that he don’t likes to lie to her and that he wouldn’t hurt her feelings at any costs. In the last line of verse 1, he declares that this is going to be part 2 of the whole fangirl story.

There is another “Ragga-Part” in the story. The last lines of the part are quite similar but the first lines of the ragga verse explain what happened after the fictive shooting spree. He rapped, that he was sitting on the corpses of ‘weebs’ and that they should stop looking for McNutt, a man who live-streamed his suicide on the trending video platform called TikTok.

In the last line of the “Ragga-part” he calmed everyone down by saying that it’s “just cold and blood shittalks”.

If you want more information about the franchise, listen to his 2 ‘Tough Ices’ on Spotify:
Tough Ice 1: https://open.spotify.com/track/2jZJDoJvUVLSPryjR990Ba?si=961b276e269a41a0
Tough Ice 2: https://open.spotify.com/track/5cWxnNadqi0mndcfeYTZAH?si=db02d271947046ec

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RavenHalf Releases 1 Story, 2 Songs 2