Overcoming Failure

Overcoming Failure 1

To Save A Child

Pushing one’s limits and facing hardships head on

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, July 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Failure is a natural part of life, as it teems with ups and downs. Sometimes we win, sometimes we fail, and we can only do better the next time. Challenges like this often push us past our limits, allowing us to emerge from it stronger, if not badly broken. Accepting this reality may be difficult for some people but for many, it is simply just a fact of life at that point in their own journeys. In “To Save a Child“, Rick Harrow struggles with his own limits as the hardships he faces grow progressively more overwhelming.

Beatrice Fairbanks Cayzer has overcome her share of hardships and has been graced with blessings for choosing the better paths in life. She has written multiple novels, produced two sell-out titles (“The Diary of Mrs. Quincy Adams” in 2016 and “New Tales of Palm Beach” in 2018) as well as won Book of the Year by the Horseracing Writers Association for her nine Rick Harrow novels. She is married to Stanley Cayzer and founded the Cayzer Museum for Children in England. Aside from her novels, she has also contributed to publications such as “Good Housekeeping”, “Town & Country”, “ESQUIRE”, “House & Garden”, the “New York Herald Tribune”, the “Journal of Commerce”, and many others of note.

For Rick Harrow, life has already pushed him to his limits and all it might have for him is hardship. In “To Save a Child”, Rick grapples with the grief and loss of failing to protect his wife, on top of a good number of difficulties that can befall a former racehorse trainer. The many ups and downs of his life so far and circumstances that overwhelm even the strongest of men have put him in a winter of discontent.

Find out if Rick Harrow can make peace with his past by getting a copy of “To Save a Child” today.

Visit the author’s website at www.beatricecayzer.com to know more about her and her book.

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Overcoming Failure 2