Launch of Conscious parenting course

Launch of Conscious parenting course 1

Conscious parenting course

Launch of Conscious parenting course 2

Course content author Leo Rastogi, PhD

Ayam launches its new educational platform to offer wellness and self-care courses.

TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ayam presents its new educational platform, with 2 free courses and 4 paid, you will be able to deepen your knowledge about self-care and well-being; to start meditating, get to know yourself, overcoming a crisis or be a conscious parent.

One of the biggest challenges in recent times has been to deal with being a father or mother, while adapting to a new way of life, that is why in the Conscious Parenting course of ayam, you will explore how meditation and mindfulness can become your allies during the beautiful journey that parenthood is. You will be able to learn new tools that will help you navigate through the challenges and difficulties, and unfold the joy and fulfillment of parenthood. The course has 7 meditation practices, more than 10 exercises and consultations to cultivate conscious parenting, and a 45-minute 1:1 session with an ayam facilitator to deepen into a topic or resolve queries.

The content of the courses was created by Dr. Leo Rastogi, who has served humanity in more than 70 countries, from the creation of non-profit organizations to the creation of award-winning companies with a presence in 22 countries. He has appeared on magazine covers, climbed sacred mountains, led retreats in places where civilizations were born, served on corporate boards of directors, mentored emerging entrepreneurs, advised global companies, and studied with enlightened masters.

Ayam’s educational experience combines recent studies in neuroscience, neurobiology, meditation, and mindfulness. Its solutions are easily integrated into your daily life and will help you improve personal and professional relationships, to remind you that life is good.

* About Ayam: Ayam is a community of self-care and wellbeing. It offers practical and simple tools that help people develop self-care and wellbeing techniques, to live with higher quality and more fulfillment, and navigate the chaos of modern life. The content is developed by the hand of Dr. Leo Rastogi and health experts, psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, scientists and leaders in meditation and mindfulness; all under the latest research in neuroscience and neurobiology to produce optimal wellness results in the shortest time possible. More information at ayam.world
* About Dr. Leo Rastogi: Leo is a co-founder, ayam guide-mentor, book author, entrepreneur, philosopher, leadership mentor, and spiritual scientist. He is an alumnus of Harvard Business School and has a PhD from the University of Salford. Leo spends his spare time traveling the world and studying the wisdom of various cultures, philosophies and religions of the world, which he synthesizes in his lectures, training programs and coaching engagements. More information at leorastogi.com

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Launch of Conscious parenting course 3