Introducing Red Pill Speakers, a new division of Big Idea Speakers Bureau, Inc.

Introducing Red Pill Speakers, a new division of Big Idea Speakers Bureau, Inc. 1

New Keynote Speakers for the New Era

New Keynote Speakers for the New Era

I’ve been representing keynote speakers for over 14 years, and I’ve never been more excited to help event organizers book speakers with amazing new topics and ideas”

— Robert Abrams

TORONTO, CANADA, June 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Robert Abrams, President of Big Idea Speakers Bureau, Inc., has just started a new division of unique keynote speakers for events and conferences. It’s called “Red Pill Speakers” and he will be representing and managing speakers for Live and In-Person Events, Conferences and Meetings, predominantly for the U.S. Market only. Red Pill Speakers will not be handling media inquiries or podcast appearance requests for speakers, although “Online” or “Virtual” private events, conferences and meeting engagements will be considered.

These new keynote speakers cover topics on current events, as Mr. Abrams calls them “New Speakers for a New Era”. At this no holds barred website, topics are distinctly counter-narrative, and virtually no topic is off the table because as Mr. Abrams says, “Things are… much different now. I’m not sure anything is as it seems.” He goes on, “ So, I started this new division not because the old topics prior to 2020 don’t matter anymore, but because there are so many new complex issues that have come to the fore, and they must be elucidated clearly, and in the live, in person event format. Everything in the world is changing, and we need new ideas and new speakers to make sense of it all. Yes, Red Pill Speakers may represent a different kind of keynote speaker for some, but in my opinion, these speakers are more important now than ever before. The speakers I work with are often featured in podcasts and in the media, and now I want conference organizers to know they are available for the in person experience, since there is absolutely nothing like it. Now then, some speakers may only appeal to select groups, but I look forward to helping bring the most eye opening and exciting speakers to as many events and conferences as I can. Red Pill Speakers have things to say people might not have ever heard before; and what they have to say… should really be heard. So much depends on it.”

New speaker announcements will be made over the coming weeks and months. Exclusive speakers will be made available for co-brokering with other agencies upon request and on a case by case basis. Contracting and back end paperwork will be handled by Big Idea Speakers Bureau, Inc.
For more information: https://redpillspeakers.com/ or you can email info@redpillspeakers.com

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Introducing Red Pill Speakers, a new division of Big Idea Speakers Bureau, Inc. 2