Golf Continues to Expand, be more Inclusive and Change Lives

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Exploring the Deep Bonds that make Golf the Greatest Game in the World

UNITED STATES, September 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Golfers are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest information regarding the game. When you meet another golfer, talking about the best course in the area, the new handicap system, or the golf irons that just came to market is quite enjoyable. However, there is something deeper that bonds golfers together. Something certainly less tangible than the details of a new driver or the latest PGA Tour event results.

It’s hard to put into words what golf can do for a person. That is until you meet someone like Mel from New Golf Deals.

Mel didn’t grow up playing junior golf, hadn’t really considered golf a passion until she had a life-changing experience that brought her closer to the game. Mel was diagnosed with cancer, and the prognosis wasn’t excellent. There was no question that the cancer was going to be a significant turning point in her life. Mel found herself in a bad position after dealing with cancer, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. She was mentally, physically, and financially tired.

However, this is where the story changes.

Mel attributes her comeback from cancer to her determination and trying new things. Golf taught her how to become flexible again, get better with her balance and coordination, and give her something to look forward to.

Cancer takes a lot from people, but golf can help to bring some of it back. This is what has inspired Mel to launch Newgolfdeals.com.

The NewGolfDeals website is dedicated to bringing the best information about equipment, training, tips, and technology to golfers of all levels. If you are a new player, average golfer, or have been playing your entire life, the New Golf Deals website will have something to benefit you.

To ensure the highest quality information and content to its readers, New Golf Deals offers the perspective of the new player and also a 25 year veteran in the game with college and professional playing experience. Britt O is a writer for NewGolfDeals and picked up a golf club as a young kid and has only put it down for a few minutes since then! She is a full-time golf writer, a scratch golfer, and mom to two young aspiring players.

The passion for the game of golf is something that can develop over a lifetime or happen when you need it the most in your life. For Mel, golf came into her life at the time that she needed it the most. Her way of paying that forward is to share this game with as many people as she can. Stay tuned for NewGolfDeals.com to do some big things in this industry.

New Golf Deals

Golf Continues to Expand, be more Inclusive and Change Lives 1