Douglas Strait Delivers an Action-Packed Adventure Book

Douglas Strait Delivers an Action-Packed Adventure Book 5

“Hannah and the Lake Beast Mystery” is a wild ride that readers, both young and old, will enjoy

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, January 23, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — In Douglas Strait’s adventure romp “Hannah and the Lake Beast Mystery,” the protagonist is pitted against a mystery so legendary in its scope that readers have consistently found the book to be one of the most enjoyable in Strait’s list of published stories.

Marine biologist Hannah didn’t expect her day out at Lake Erie to turn out the way it did. She was there for her diving certification and was hoping to accomplish this dive in order to become a certified diver. But a freak accident leads to her rescuing a young man from what would have been a fatal boating accident. And when that same young man insists that a legendary lake beast was responsible for the crash, Hannah gets drawn into a mystery vast in both scope and repercussions.

Strait started writing stories when he was in elementary school. His interest in telling stories – first in book form, and then in movies through screenplays – has resulted in the publication of several books that have been praised by readers and members of the filmmaking industry alike. Some of these titles include The Backwoods Snatcher, The Girl in the Cabin, and Hannah and the Lake Beast Mystery.

Hannah and the Lake Beast Mystery is Strait’s flagship novel and is currently in the queue to be turned into a film. And for good reason, Hannah’s story is action-packed and begging to be translated into a potential blockbuster on the big screen. But for now, readers who are curious to find out more about Hannah and the Lake Beast Mystery can purchase this book at bookstores nationwide, or via Amazon.

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