Breaking news: The Diversity Visa Lottery is again open for submissions from October 6, 2021

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The Department of State has announced the deadline for submitting applications is Tuesday, November 9, 2021.

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— US Green Card Office

WILMINGTON, DE, UNITED STATES, October 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Department of State has announced the deadline for submitting applications is noon on Tuesday, November 9, 2021. All applicants should act immediately and get their applications submitted before the deadline.

Each year, over 20 million people across the world look forward to October because it is when Green Card Lottery applications for the Diversity Visa Program open. Getting a Green Card to the United States means being able to live their dream by moving to the United States.

Many applicants submit their applications on their own using the free dvprogram.state.gov website provided by the U.S. Government without knowing the risk of doing it themselves. Looking at 20 years of application submission statistics, over 65% of all applicants doing it independently are disqualified by the U.S. Government because of errors in their application.

Don’t risk being disqualified.

Since 1998, The US Green Card Office has provided its value-added Green Card Application Submission Service for the Diversity Visa Lottery. With over 2 million applications already submitted from all over the world, they know better than anyone else how to succeed in getting a Green Card for the United States.

Many applicants who have tried to use the free service for years without success come to US Green Card Office for advice and use their submission service to avoid making errors when submitting their application. Using the paid value-added service gives any applicant the best chance of being selected.

The US Green Card Office recently announced its deadline for the DV-2023 Green Card Lottery as Tuesday, November 9, 2021. They encourage all applicants to submit their Diversity Visa applications as soon as possible, mainly because the demand is higher than ever. Processing time can take several days depending on the applicant uploading photos that can be approved straight away or if photos need to be resubmitted. Therefore, do not wait until the last week before the deadline. The DV-2023 application should be submitted as soon as possible to avoid missing the upcoming deadline.

Using the paid service from US Green Card Office is worthwhile, as it only costs $80.00 as a single person and $120.00 as a family. This is a small fee to pay to guarantee the Diversity Visa Application is submitted on time and accepted by the U.S. Government.

To better understand the difference between the free and paid service, it’s essential to read the Green Card Lottery Comparison Guide that will help applicants make the right decision before they apply.

Diversity Visas are intended to provide an immigration opportunity for persons from countries other than the primary source countries of immigration to the U.S. The law states that no Diversity Visas shall be provided for “high admission” countries, that is, countries from which there were more than 55,000 immigrants in the Family-Sponsored and Employment-Based visa categories during the previous five years. The list of countries that do not qualify for the Green Card Lottery is subject to change from one year to the next.

All applicants interested in applying for the DV-2023 Diversity Visa Program should always check if their country is listed in the Green Card Lottery Qualifying Countries list.

Remember, it is free to apply for the DV Lottery via the U.S. Government’s website. However, there are several advantages of using the paid services of the US Green Card Office.

• Application fees from $80.00 to $120.00. It’s a small fee to pay to get peace of mind.
• Easy step-by-step registration guide in 20 languages.
• Immigration support and advice in applicants’ own language.
• Guaranteed submission on time with a confirmation number from the U.S. Government.
• Application photos are verified and approved before submission.
• Assistance with preparing the DS-260 that is required before the Visa Interview.
• Free preparation for the Visa Interview in the American embassy.
• Advice on how to move to the United States after being selected.
• And so much more…

Be aware, over 65% of all applicants are disqualified each year when using the free service. Therefore it’s important to get assisted by a professional immigration service to ensure the DV-2023 application is submitted error-free.

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Breaking news: The Diversity Visa Lottery is again open for submissions from October 6, 2021 1