Author Serves Another Mystery Thriller in New Book

Author Serves Another Mystery Thriller in New Book 5

Anonymous attacks leave the family scared and scarred

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, January 23, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Life seems idyllic for a proud and successful man who lives in the suburbs. In his retirement, he’s enjoying the fruits of his hard work and particularly takes pride in how well-kept his lawn is until a series of attacks aimed at him and his family make him and his family fear for their lives. Established author Douglas Strait serves another tale of mystery with surprises at every turn of the page in his new book, “Scarred.”

Living in central Ohio, Douglas Strait has been interested in writing since his early years. A chance encounter with Oliver Stone and the discussion the two shared provided him the confidence to continue working on his craft. From this, he was able to produce several screenplays. He has also published several books, the most popular of which is “The Girl in the Cabin.” He is currently in the process of developing books following a screenplay type of pacing. Another book, “Hannah and the Lake Beast Mystery,” is in the process of being made into a movie.

In this new offering, Strait introduces us to Tony Carson, a Black man enjoying his retirement. After many years of working, he is now enjoying time with his family in the house he purchased. He founds joy in maintaining his pristine lawn only to find it damaged one day by anonymous attackers. Initially brushing them off, Tony soon finds himself embroiled in a situation where he fears for his family’s safety as the attacks become more and more dangerous. Not knowing who the attacker is and his motives, Tony must find a way to identify his next move to secure his life and that of his family.

Will Tony ever find out who was behind these vicious attacks? Will he and his family make it? Find out by grabbing a copy of “Scarred” today. Out now in bookstores and on Amazon!

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Author Serves Another Mystery Thriller in New Book 6