Aleks Balac – The Future of Advertising

Aleks Balac - The Future of Advertising 1

Aleks Balac is Rated a Top 20 Business Leader by Yahoo Finance and is the current Owner and CEO of AdStar Media Advertising in Dallas, TX.

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, August 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Aleks Balac has already become an influential figure in the world of advertising and marketing at a young age. Aleks speaks on the future of advertising and why he thinks many businesses are wasting tons money on “useless” forms of traditional marketing.

“Let’s be honest, phone books are about as good as paper weights nowadays” says Aleks Balac. Think about the last time you looked in one of those. Nowadays we usually just open up Google when we need to find a business. Most millennials and Gen Z probably never used a phone book in their entire lives.

“When is the last time you actually looked at a billboard on the side of the highway and pulled out your phone to call the number on it, I can tell you I’ve never done that in my entire life” says Aleks Balac. Another great point there. Do we actually pay attention to highway billboards any more? Aleks Balac states that many business owners are still spending thousands of dollars to advertise on outdoor billboards without having a clue about how much money they are making back from it. “The only one metric an outdoor highway billboard can provide is mere estimate of how many cars drive by it per day, that’s it” says Aleks Balac.

“How about flyers? Most of them end up getting crumbled and tossed in the trash” says Aleks Balac. The reality is, the old method of advertising are simply not as effective now that we have modern technology. Savvy internet marketers like Aleks Balac himself are utilizing data-driven systems like Google’s advertising platform to make intelligent and informed advertising campaign where they can actually target only specific customer who fit the mold of what they are advertising. Crazy right?

“The craziest of them all, TV ads. The amount of money that businesses pay to be on TV is absurd. They are blasting a message to millions of random people who don’t want to see their ad while they are watching their show” says Aleks Balac. Advertising is all about relevancy. There is an old saying that goes “when you advertise to everyone, you advertise to no one.”

The future of advertising according to Aleks Balac is through search based digital marketing. The ability to advertise only to people who are actually searching for your company’s products and services makes your advertising budget so much more effective than any other form. Aleks Balac is leading the way in these advanced advertising methods with his company, AdStar Media in Dallas, TX.

To learn more about effectively advertising your business, reach out to Aleks Balac and AdStar Media at www.adstarmedia.com or by email at info@adstarmedia.com

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Aleks Balac - The Future of Advertising 2