Aimondo Bonds and Shares

Aimondos expands market position in Europe by mid 2022 and the way out of bonds into shares. Break-through for Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce repricing

Aimondo AG (IKR:Aimondo PS N)

DUESSELDORF, GERMANY, July 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Aimondo informs bond subscribers as well as in particular the large number of those who have also acquired shares in Aimondo of Aimondo AG. The Aimondo “Family & Friends” circle, which of course now also includes all the people who promote the company with investments, advice & action or with whom there is frequent direct contact, is well informed about the course of business anyway. Now the company is gradually trying to get used to more regular communication, which it will be obliged to do anyway as a company listed on a stock exchange.

International developments are particularly interesting at the moment. There, Aimondo has three hot irons in the fire in Austria in the furniture, textile (incl. sports) and electronics sectors, which will already contribute to the result before the end of 2022 without high additional expenditure on the production side. In this context, it should be remembered that once Aimondo has reached “black zero”, it will benefit in particular from the peculiarity of the business model that results from “software-as-a-service”. What was previously business theory is now turning into real figures.

Great Britain is also gradually becoming particularly attractive. The market entry was achieved a long time ago. The acceptance phase was tough. But now perseverance is beginning to bear fruit. Three of the very big textile chains are already in the Aimondo trial phase.

In Germany, growth is supported by two pillars. Existing customers are expanding their use of the advanced Artificial Intelligence technology and new customers have a turnover size right from the start that is immediately visible in the profit and loss account. The good reputation of the technological quality and the consulting services, which make Aimondo a fixed and technologically leading factor in “pricing”, are increasingly contributing to this.

If we add it up, the monthly turnover of Aimondo GmbH will be doubled, just as its parent company Aimondo AG will probably achieve. Things are looking good and the company management is quite satisfied with how these things are developing.

They also have every reason to be confident about the pricing before a listing. Compared to a competitor that has been listed since the beginning of 2021 and whose running costs are much higher than the turnover it generates, Aimondo has a much leaner personnel structure thanks to high automation and much higher data quality thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). Despite significantly more (cost-)intensive research and development with AI, the German Aimondo GmbH has been breaking even since the second quarter of the year. The management is convinced that this will be rewarded by the market in several ways and reflected accordingly in the share price.

The next important point is that the Aimondo GmbH bond 20/22 has not yet been liquidated. While all interest has been serviced on time, the bond itself has not yet been settled for technical reasons.

The bond subscribers have already contributed in large numbers to the company having the operationally necessary liquidity despite the unexpected circumstances. This is because the “Family & Friends” members have signalled in overwhelming numbers to the young company in writing, by telephone and also in personal conversations that they will wait until this Gordian-legal knot is untied. The founding shareholder of the Aimondo Group stood by with several million euros for start-up losses as well as the assumption of research and development costs to shape and expand the technical market leadership.
Ultimately, this cohesion secures the value of the company and creates new dimensions. This also contributes to catching up with the German digital backlog and secures jobs for the Aimondo team, which is as highly motivated as it is highly qualified. After all, Aimondo has managed to occupy a decision-critical niche in the “multi-channel”, extremely dynamic trade with consumer goods with highly commercial system performance Made-in-Germany in such a way that it is difficult or impossible for imitators to catch up with this lead.

Those who have the opportunity can visit the development team in Duesseldorf (Germany) by simple appointment to get an impression of the latest state of the art in AI-driven e-commerce pricing technology.

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