Zloadr’s Whitepaper Breaks Down Token Utility Shaped Around Esport Metaverse NFTs

All-inclusive blockchain ecosystem, Zloadr, creates a blend of the Esport Metaverse NFTs with their unique $ZDR token utility as broken down in their Whitepaper

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The latest Zloadr Whitepaper has again revealed the uniqueness of the blockchain ecosystem, especially as it relates to esports and NFTs as well as the fast-emerging metaverse. The whitepaper offers a detailed breakdown of the $ZDR token utility and how it is shaped around esport metaverse NFTs. A recent report published on Bloomberg.com revealed that about 51,000 daily active wallets were connected to gaming-related contracts in the blockchain ecosystem, according to DappRadar, as of March, with the figures skyrocketing to 359,284 just three months later.

Zloadr seeks to create limitless opportunities for different categories of participants to be a part of their eSports metaverses, with the unique feature and potentials of the project driving up the utility factor of $ZDR. The token was created as a currency to be used on the Zloadr platform and Metaverse for the purchase of non-fungible assets (NFTs) as well as other solutions and ownership offerings.

In the aspect of selling NFTs and the esports market, the Zloadr platform offers NFTs in the form of teams, players and merchandising, which in turn earn points for their owners and enable them to participate in competitions games that yield various amounts of $ZDR daily. The platform also supports the sponsorship of teams and players, ultimately helping to increase the daily pay of NFT owners.

The ERC20 token currently has a wide range of features that stand it out as not just an average utility token. Some of such functionalities and features include team purchasing, marketplace purchases, player purchasing, NFT purchasing, player training sessions, and sponsorship. The utility token can also be used for metaverse branding, staking to receive more APY, single staking pools, supply of liquidity, pay-per-view, player transfers, games, competitions and tournaments, and a host of others.

$ZDR will undoubtedly challenge the status quo across different metaverses, especially due to its “out of this world” features and functionalities.
For more information about $ZDR as a utility token for metaverses, visit – https://zloadr.com/whitepaper/

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Zloadr's Whitepaper Breaks Down Token Utility Shaped Around Esport Metaverse NFTs 1