Zen LATELY Launches Wellness Company with Innovative Approach to Self-Care



Zen LATELY founder Shanda Brown

Zen LATELY founder Shanda Brown

The company includes financial literacy along with traditional self-care to reduce stress

BALTIMORE, UNITED STATES, September 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Zen LATELY has launched a new wellness company with a cutting-edge approach to self-care. The company focuses on deepening the understanding of the mind, body and spirit, but adds in financial self-care.

When thinking of self-care, massages, facials and date nights come to mind. However, the problem with many of the self-care solutions popular today is that they cost money. Financial literacy and building wealth are not included when discussing self-care. Instead, solutions that cost money drive people further into debt and increase financial stress.

“I recognized after many years that I was doing my clients a disservice by not addressing their financial stress,” said Zen LATELY founder Shanda Brown. “I knew from personal and professional experience the stress that’s caused when you mishandled your finances.”

Brown, a licensed social worker, decided to add the key fundamentals for improving finances into the self-care program at Zen LATELY and advocate against increasing debt as part of self-care. The company now offers wellness training, individual consultations and mini-retreats to address intergenerational trauma, reduce stress and offer advice for building wealth from the comfort of home.

Zen LATELY also offers this advice in a self-care manual. The manual covers five wellness areas: financial, mental, physical, social and spiritual, and professional. The self-care manual is offered free with any consultation or is available for purchase. Zen LATELY also offers a He/Him Self-Care Manual.

“Getting to the ROOT of your stressors is self-care. Stop seeking immediate gratification from massages, travel and date nights, only to return to the same stressors you had. Instead of escaping from life, build the life you don’t have to escape from,” Brown said.

For more information and to join their mailing list, visit zenlately.com.


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