York County School Bus Driver Fast Becoming TikTok Famous With Challenge For Mental Health

Bruce Norton to let a student color his hair, “Purple or any color or combination of colors you choose,” to help teens and young adults with their mental health

YORK, PA, USA, November 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Bruce Norton who calls himself a, “Part time bus driver full time human at Families Renewed,” in his TikTok bio, released his first TikTok video the day before Thanksgiving this year. “When I was driving intermediate school students they were constantly on TikTok sharing and creating videos on my bus. Since they are part of the target demographic for a new Families Renewed suicide and self harm prevention initiative, I chose that platform to increase awareness,” says Norton.

On the video, which can be found by searching #bruceschallenge, Norton agrees to let a student color his hair any color or combination of colors chosen by the TikTok community if he reaches one hundred thousand likes and says he will wear his hair that way for a month. If he reaches one million likes he agrees to wear his hair that way for six months.

Norton says he saw it gain a little traction after he released it on Wednesday with slow and steady growth continuing Thanksgiving day. “I would check it every once in a while while I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my girls. It was nice to see it edge up little by little,” Norton says, “Then Thanksgiving night it blew up. I saw the video, its duplicate which was uploaded with the hashtags I forgot to put in the first video, and an outtakes video go from just under a thousand views and a couple hundred likes to over a hundred thousand views and nearly forty thousand likes in less than twelve hours.”

At this time, Norton is nearly half way to his TikTok goal. He will be joined by Matt Dorgan who lost his daughter to suicide December 3, 2020 and is the creator of Building Bridges for Brianna. Norton’s hope is to draw attention to the problem of suicide and self harm among teens and young adults, to raise much needed funds to fund the Families Renewed’s initiative, and to give them the opportunity to have a little fun along the way. The initiative, called LifeBST, has found support among local politicians, educators, and therapists as well as the major healthcare and mental health systems in York County, with some therapists calling it a, “Game changer for mental health and the prevention of suicide and self harm.” To learn more about Bruce’s Challenge and how to support this effort to prevent suicide and self harm, go to www.bruceschallenge.com.

Neither the school district nor the bus company are revealed since this event is not sponsored or sanctioned by either.

About Families Renewed, Inc.:

Families Renewed, Inc., is a faith based 501 (c) (3) non profit charity created in 2013 to help children and families in crisis. The three areas of focus are children and families who are homeless or are in danger of homelessness, are suffering from suicidal ideation or are engaged in self harm, or are dealing with the aftermath of child abuse. LifeBST is an initiative of Families Renewed, Inc. Building Bridges for Brianna is a series of annual Families Renewed, Inc., events. Bruce Norton currently serves as Chairman and CEO of Families Renewed, Inc. Matt Dorgan currently serves on the Board of Directors for Families Renewed, Inc. More information can be found at www.familiesrenewed.org. Families Renewed, Inc. can be reached by telephone by calling 717.428.3140.

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