VP International of RAND Corp, founders of TCecure, CyDeploy, and Beyond Codes share their journeys on The INDUStry Show

VP International of RAND Corp, founders of TCecure, CyDeploy, and Beyond Codes share their journeys on The INDUStry Show 1

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The INDUStry Show logo

RAND Corp influences global policy-making and Beyond Codes is the leader in demand/lead generation. The INDUStry Show is a widely circulated global talk show

What is a fact is now under dispute. Contributing to it is the fact we live during times of very shortened attention spans, social media sound bites, and often misinformation.”

— Krishna Kumar, VP International RAND Corp.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 27, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The INDUStry Show, the widely distributed entrepreneurial talk show, announced the release of its March ‘22 episodes. This cohort features entrepreneurs and executives in cybersecurity, creativity, demand generation, and global policy change.

Tina Williams Koroma is a cybersecurity expert and the founder/ CEO of CyDeploy and TCecure. “The cost of a security compromise impacts an individual business, though it compounds exponentially at a macroeconomic level. Consider the people employed at the business that get impacted, the loss of intellectual property and research and development investments, and the direct losses to the customers.”, said Williams-Koroma.

“It is extremely important to have experts such as TCecure provide protection for your infrastructure and limit exposure. However, the bad actors will still sometimes get through and having adequate coverage is highly recommended. Key to note is you don’t have to be a tech or SaaS business to be impacted by or need cyberliability coverage”, said Nimisha Lotia, Principal at SeaCastle Insurance.

“As we insulate from the bad actors and raise walls around us and the ones we seek to protect, we also risk losing our creativity”, said Mohini Todkari of The INDUStry Show.

Maria Brito is a contemporary art advisor and curator. She is an author of the just released “How Creativity Rules The World”, published by HarperCollins. Brito is a Harvard Law graduate that switched careers and has become one of the renowned art curators. “I discovered the power of creativity when I transitioned from being an unhappy Harvard-trained corporate lawyer to a thriving entrepreneur and innovator in the art world. I flipped the barrenness around me to emerge as one of the most well-known disruptors in the art world.”, said Brito.

Brito frequently writes about art and creativity for Artnet, Cultured Magazine, Elle, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post, and several others. She also facilitates Jumpstart – an online mastermind program to help entrepreneurs and executives bring creativity to business. “There has never been a more crucial time than now to develop your creativity and your ability to innovate. Coming up with original ideas of value is today’s most precious resource.” added Brito.

“Our alum is a really diverse group of entrepreneurs with a truly global footprint and holistic perspective. I am constantly amazed at the massive impact our network has created across all sections of the society. The entrepreneurial journey is fun, albeit challenging and even lonely, more so for immigrants, minorities, and women. The pandemic closed several doors while it opened several new ones. Previously, funding and collaboration were somewhat geographically restricted. Now, cross-border angel investments and talent hiring, and partnerships are at an all-time high.”, said Dr. Nitin Bajaj, host of The INDUStry Show.

“The pandemic brought us closer virtually and had leaders ask questions such as – what should be our message to customers, where should we spend our marketing budgets, and should we cut down spending or should we spend more?”, said Gaurav Kumar.

Kumar is the founder, CEO of Beyond Codes that today is a global leader in B2B demand generation services. Beyond Codes is helping startups and Fortune 100 enterprises and has operations in six continents. Kumar has authored several best-seller books in the space and is considered an authority in lead and demand generation. An alum of Stanford Graduate School of Business, he is a regular speaker at several global martech conferences.

“The past two years have permanently changed the course of marketing. Marketers have had to make urgent investments in their technology stack, explore alternate channels to get ahead of customers, and close deals online. The marketing function is developing better analytics to understand customers at scale and to drive innovation.”, Kumar added.

Another area that has been impacted is evidence-based research. “What is a fact is now under dispute. For a nonpartisan organization such as ours that focuses on evidence-based research, this is a challenging development. On a related note and contributing to it is the fact we live during times of very shortened attention spans, social media sound bites, and often misinformation. That creates a significant challenge when you are selling and sharing rigorous research that has potential to create durable impact.”, said Krishna Kumar.

Krishna Kumar is the VP of International at RAND Corporation, a global leader improving policy and decision-making through research and analysis. A highly-respected figure, Kumar is also the Director of Initiative for Global Human Progress, a senior economist, and distinguished chair in International Economic Policy. Kumar is an alum of IIT Madras, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and University of Chicago. He is also a visiting professor at Indian School of Business.

“Everybody wants an easy solution, a silver bullet to very complex problems that simply don’t exist. The environment is changing and we believe we can keep up by relentlessly sticking to our core values of objectivity, quality, and rigor; and showing durable impact. There is no better proof than showing results.”

“The rigor, relentless pursuit, and the unique combination of wisdom and hustle that entrepreneurs thrive on is captured in our one line life lessons. These lessons are simple yet profound, and often life-changing. We have captured several hundred of these actionables on our website and other social channels to inspire, motivate, and most importantly, drive meaningful action”, said Dr. Bajaj.

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VP International of RAND Corp, founders of TCecure, CyDeploy, and Beyond Codes share their journeys on The INDUStry Show 2