Vine Publishing to release the First-Ever Christian Devotional for Women of Color Ministry Leaders

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Vine Publishing to release the First-Ever Christian Devotional for Women of Color Ministry Leaders 1

Vine Publishing to release the First-Ever Christian Devotional for Women of Color Ministry Leaders 2

Sacred Sistering is a collection of personal reflections, prayers, and words of wisdom written by women of color ministry leaders.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Vine Publishing is proud to announce the upcoming release of ‘Sacred Sistering: A Devotional for Women of Color in Ministry.’

Ministry can be demanding, overwhelming, and even frustrating. Pastors are leaving the pulpit and clergy are hanging up their robes, all because they are spiritually depleted. In the RISE Together Mentorship Network debut book, women of color ministry leaders offer inspiration and an enduring sense of faith, hope, and spiritual direction for women of color who have committed their lives to serving God and humanity.

Dr. Lisa D. Rhodes, the founder of RISE Together, says that ‘Sacred Sistering’ is meant to be healing, but it will also help give women a voice.

“Their stories are immensely powerful and inspirational,” says Dr. Rhodes. “And these affirmations show us that together, in solidarity, we can help support each other and become all that God has told us to be.”

Emilie M. Townes, distinguished professor of Womanist Ethics and Society at Vanderbilt University Divinity School have called Sacred Sistering, “A balm for the soul and a clarion call for the spirit.”

“These meditations call us to journey together into a more vibrant, life-giving, and life-bringing ministry. Be comforted. Be challenged. We are all called,” she said.

Reverend Brittini L. Palmer, freedom writer, preacher, and communications consultant says, “This devotional is honest, insightful, and liberating. The stories force us to look inside, to reassess how we do ministry, and pay attention to the women we’ve walked pass and known all our lives. A true and authentic challenge to remember, question, and RISE Together.”

RISE Together Mentorship Network is based in eight cities across the country. It was founded as an Initiative of Union Theological Seminary in collaboration with the WOCIM Project. Through women-centered intergenerational support networks, RISE educational modules promote strategies for Renewal, Inspiration, Support, and Empowerment that assist women of color to overcome the challenges they confront as a result of racial and gender inequalities in ministry.

‘Sacred Sistering: A Devotional for Women of Color Ministry Leaders’ (ISBN# 978-1-7367483-4-3) releases on March 11, 2022 and now is available for pre-order everywhere books are sold. More information about Sacred Sistering can be found here, or visit the RISE Together Mentorship Network website.

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Vine Publishing to release the First-Ever Christian Devotional for Women of Color Ministry Leaders 3