Unlocking the potential of Nigeria’s future leaders

Unlocking the potential of Nigeria’s future leaders 1

Wale Ajiboye, Country Director Nigeria, Change.org Foundation

Nigeria is at a crossroad in its history. This is the very moment to equip our young people with the skills to engage in the democratic infrastructure of this country.”

— Wale Ajiboye

ABUJA, NIGERIA, July 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Unlocking the potential of Nigeria’s future leaders

Change.org Foundation presented government officials, high profile philanthropic representatives and members of the diplomatic community in Abuja, details of its upcoming movement accelerator aimed at strengthening democracy in Africa’s largest country.

The movement accelerator in collaboration with partners across the governmental, philanthropic and civil society sectors, will bring together the voices and aspirations of marginalized groups of people in Nigeria, particularly women and youth, to deepen democracy and strengthen civic engagement.

Preethi Herman, Global Executive Director of Change.org Foundation said:

“The positive social and economic impact is exponential when we support citizen leaders who do not hold traditional political, social and economic capital to create change on compelling grassroots issues. Change.org Foundation will help support women and youth in Nigeria to build their own powerful democratic ecosystem promoting growth, gender equality and change across the country.”

More than 3,000,000 Nigerians already use the Change.org petition platform, with rapid growth happening each year. These campaigners have already started almost 15,000 campaigns since 2019, generating more than 4,000,000 signatures. But despite growing evidence of youth activism and mobilization, Nigerian youth, especially young women, have yet to achieve the level of inclusion required to gain representation in politics.

Giving women and youth the power to cultivate effective campaigns for social change, can become the turning point for many grassroots communities. Multiplied across Nigeria’s many states, this has the vast potential to transform national policy in human rights, economic equality and gender representation.The Foundation’s Movement Accelerator is designed to stimulate a positive trend in youth participation reflecting their vital role in national development.

Change.org’s Country Director for Nigeria, Wale Ajiboye said:

“Nigeria is at a crossroads in its history. This is the very moment to equip our young people with the skills to engage in the democratic infrastructure of this country. Without their civic engagement, Nigeria’s democratic institutions will become further detached from the largest population group in the country.”

Olga Mugyenyi, Change.org’s Regional Director for Africa said:

“The Change.org Foundation sees the momentum that already exists for increased civic participation across Africa. Digital technology is enabling citizens to engage with policy makers and campaign for change, making it no longer an aspiration but a possibility. Empowering people on the margins of political power can deepen the roots of democracy in a country, speed up economic transformation and blaze a trail for even greater human development and national prosperity.”

About Change.org Foundation
The Change.org Foundation is home to the world’s greatest changemakers. We’re building a generation of citizen leaders from marginalized communities around the world, to create positive social change. We do this through a combination of Change.org digital technology, intensive on the ground training and community-building.

Women are the world’s largest marginalized community and often the face of global poverty, yet through campaign data, we know the participation of women can make a pivotal positive difference.

We’ve trained 280 women in three continents through our flagship empowerment programme, She Creates Change. These women have set up and led 450 social change campaigns, producing 12 million signatures and engagement with over 100 decision-makers, more than 50 policy-level changes impacting more than 600 million women.

Change.org Foundation is a nonprofit organization with active country teams in India, Indonesia, Colombia, Kenya and Nigeria, with an eighty per cent female global executive team and a worldwide staff predominantly from countries of origin in the Global South.

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Unlocking the potential of Nigeria’s future leaders 2