Turnagain Social Club Releases Report on Adult Day Services for Alaskan Seniors With Alzheimer’s

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Turnagain Social Club provides specialized care and services to meet our community’s needs. It provides engaging activities and alternative therapies to enrich the lives of Anchorage’s seniors.

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Finding the right Alzheimer’s care solution can be difficult for seniors with the condition and loved ones. Turnagain Social Club released a new report guiding families on what to consider when seeking care and why adult day services are a strong choice.

Many seniors and adults with Alzheimer’s wish to avoid moving to a full-time care facility. And even though options like assisted living facilities allow seniors much more independence and flexibility in their care, many people would prefer to continue living in their own homes or with family.

However, it can be difficult for family members to balance other obligations, such as going to work or caring for young children, with meeting the needs of someone with Alzheimer’s. Adult day services provide seniors with the flexibility of receiving care during the day and returning to their homes at night.

In addition to meeting the daily care needs of seniors with Alzheimer’s, adult day services offer seniors a fun, enriching environment where they can socialize with other adults and participate in a wide range of activities they enjoy.

In Turnagain Social Club’s new report, several benefits are listed of investing in Alzheimer’s care:

• A safe, secure environment for seniors with surveillance, nursing services, and CPR care
• A wide range of physical and mental exercise options
• Many opportunities for socialization and community outings
• Daily personal care, including dressing, meals, showers, and more

Turnagain Social Club is a senior day center located in Anchorage, Alaska. The center takes care of taking seniors to and from their homes for the day. Their staff is trained in the Brain Change model and the Positive Approach to Care to offer a fun, positive environment for adults aged 55 years and up. Families interested in Anchorage adult day services can learn more about Turnagain Social Club on their website.

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Turnagain Social Club Releases Report on Adult Day Services for Alaskan Seniors With Alzheimer’s 1