Tri-Cities Functional Medicine Released Guide on How MeRT Can Help Sports-Related Traumatic Brain Injuries

Sports-Related Traumatic Brain Injury

RENO, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tri-Cities released a new guide that explains how MeRT treatments can help sports-related traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The brain is responsible for every process that deals with body regulation and plays a role in developing thoughts, memories, emotions, motor skills, vision, breathing, body temperature, hunger, and more. Injuries to the brain can severely impact people’s lives.

Injuries like concussions, whiplash, and sports-related injuries can cause TBI. More than one million sports-related injuries occur every year. Brain injuries can cause a person to experience a decrease in cognitive function and drive their overall performance to decline.

The Tri-Cities guide explains that MeRT treatments can help after a TBI. Many children and young adults participate in high-risk sports. These include high-contact sports like football, soccer, hockey, and rugby. Low-contact sports like bicycling, horseback riding, skateboarding, and ice-skating are also prone to injuries.

About 10% of all TBIs are due to sports or recreational activities or 21% in children and young adults.

Mild TBI symptoms can include:

• Headaches
• Disorientation
• Nausea
• Sleep difficulties

Moderate symptoms can include more severe symptoms like:

• Seizures
• Paralysis
• Vision Loss
• Slurred Speech
• Coordination Problems

People may experience emotional or psychological problems resulting from a TBI, including:

• Poor time management
• Difficulties concentrating
• Depression and anxiety
• Mood swings
• Personality changes
• Irritability or aggression

MeRT or Magnetic EEG/EKG-guided Resonance Therapy treatments work to identify the root causes of problems and pair them with lifestyle changes that can help restore brain health, such as adjusting nutrition, exercising, sleep, or stress management.

The MeRT recovery plan is pain-free and avoids drugs, medications, or invasive practices. The treatment uses magnetic waves to balance and stimulate brain function.

Brain injuries are all different, which is MeRT focuses on personalized plans that can be adjusted based on the patient’s progress. People who receive MeRT treatments report better concentration, coping with stress, and improved mood and memory.

Tri-Cities Functional Medicine is an established functional medicine practice in Johnson City, Tennessee. For people living with the effects of a TBI, visit the Tri-Cities website to take a free webinar and learn more.

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