Top Colorado 1031 Exchange Intermediary Announces National Expansion, Rebranding


The new 1031X

The rebranded Qualified Intermediary promises “day-of” processing, flat rates.

There are really three ways to improve a Client’s experience: Improve systems and technology, offer easy and direct customer service, or lower costs. With this launch, we decided to do all three”

— Sean M. Ross, CEO of 1031X.

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, April 27, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today 1031X, the top-rated 1031 exchange “Qualified Intermediary” announced the opening of three new offices and a fully rebranded service offering, promising lower rates and faster service for real estate investors nationwide.

National Expansion

1031X opened new regional offices in Dallas (TX), Cleveland (OH) and Springfield (MO). While the company already executes exchanges digitally in all 50 states, these new offices give local investors and associated service providers a resource for in-person meetings, training, education, and partnership opportunities.

The New 1031X

Instant, Simple Exchange Opening: Through the new 1031X website, first-time visitors will be able to directly open a 1031 exchange within minutes — even on their day of closing.
No Extra Fees: While it is commonplace in the industry to charge hundreds of dollars in additional fees for late closings, the 1031X exchange program charges a flat $950 rate, regardless of deal size, location, or proximity to closing. 1031X has also eliminated all wiring fees.
Smart Tax Calculators: Custom-designed tax calculators will allow investors or advisors to quickly estimate the potential benefits of any proposed 1031 exchange, including the ability to navigate the impact of different state tax rates. Investors can also compare the results of their sale with or without an exchange, with the results emailed directly to their inbox.
Plain-English Guides: When an investor visits the 1031X resource hub (dubbed the “Investor Center”) each 1031 exchange topic is explained in plain-English. This enables everyone, even those without legal or tax training, to navigate the rules quickly.
Dedicated Exchange Officers: After beginning an exchange with 1031X, each investor is automatically assigned a designated 1031 Exchange Officer to answer questions and provide structure. Each Exchange Officer can be reached by text, email, telephone, video conferencing, or direct messaging through 1031X’s exchange software.


Call (888) 899-1031. Email exchange@1031x.com or visit 1031x.com to learn more about 1031X.

SOURCE: 1031x.com, Inc.

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