Thomas J Granson has expanded the services he offers with his business, Granson Contracting Inc.

Thomas J Granson has expanded the services he offers with his business, Granson Contracting Inc. 1

Thomas J Granson Contracting Before and After

Thomas J Granson has expanded the services he offers with his business, Granson Contracting Inc. 2

Granson Contracting Inc

Thomas J Granson has expanded the services he offers with his business, Granson Contracting Inc. 3

INDIANA, UNITED STATES, December 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Thomas (T.J) Granson has been operating his company, Granson Contracting Inc., for years and began as Tj’s Painting & Epoxy before diversifying into new service lines, now also including custom kitchen and bathroom restorations.

Granson Contracting Inc. is fully insured and ready for any and all estimates to help with any Granson Contracting Inc. project. Granson Contracting Inc. make a home into the true representation of its owner. Granson Contracting Inc. has been working for clients for decades, ensuring that they provide excellent service to each and every customer in order to leave them happy.

Granson Contracting Inc. offers bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, cabinet restyling, countertops resurfacing, flooring, interior painting, and sheetrock walls, among many others. Granson Contracting Inc. offers their customers a satisfaction guarantee to ensure customers are satisfied with the work that Granson Contracting Inc. has completed in their homes. These are just some of the services that are available for homeowners of all kinds including those with busy schedules. Granson Contracting Inc. can completely transform any part of a home instantaneously. Granson Contracting Inc. knows how important time and quality are for its customers, so the company makes sure the work is completed as soon as possible but the quality and satisfaction will last for years. Its owners, Thomas Granson and Abby Granson, have been continuously improving and developing their crew’s skills to catch up with the latest and the best techniques, strategies, and results.

Granson Contracting Inc. has been serving customers throughout their years in business to ensure they give each and every customer a smile on their face. The company was founded by Thomas (TJ) Granson, who has always wanted to help others realize their potential and passion for turning homes into dream homes. Homeowner’s love Granson Contracting Inc. because of its extensive knowledge and passion for giving homeowners high-level customer service. Granson Contracting Inc.’s high-quality workmanship and high level of integrity are what keep homeowners coming back for more.
The company humbly started with painting and epoxy, but as homeowners started to realize the quality and service of the then TJ’s Painting and Epoxy, and the neighborhood loved the outcomes of the services, word of mouth spread and everyone just started to inquire whether Granson and his crew can cater to a whole wide bunch of remodeling requests; and that’s when they started to decide that since they are doing a great job in the field, might as well expand and supply to a wide variety of services and requests.

Why choose Granson Contracting Inc.?

1. Granson Contracting Inc. has a long and distinguished history of success in each area in which they have engaged, which is why the firm has been operational for around decades now. Granson Contracting Inc. will be the finest solution for high-quality services at reasonable rates.

2. High-level customer service entails providing exceptional service to each client, paying close attention to the individual, and ensuring they are receiving top-notch work and exceeding their expectations. Granson Contracting Inc.’s priority is everyone’s happiness and satisfaction with the results.

3. Excellent workmanship. Granson Contracting Inc. concentrates on going above and above to ensure that each and every project is completed perfectly.

4. Consideration for the public good, as well as a desire to do what is right and fair, are examples of high levels of integrity. It’s critical to maintain a high ethical standard in order to ensure that the owners, the business, and the consumer are all properly represented; and Granson Contracting Inc. understands exactly how that works.

5. At the end of the day, it all comes down to communicaton and treating customers right. Granson Contracting Inc. guarantees its workmanship by offering high-quality service and repair at a reasonable price. It also offers excellent customer care, which is especially important in today’s market environment when consumers are more aware than ever before about their home’s condition. This attention has allowed them to acquire an impressive client list.

This, among many other qualities and accomplishments of Granson Contracting Inc., are proof of why the company has been able to sustain the quality of its works, its client-base, and the company itself amid the pandemic, and Thomas Granson and his crew would like to share this joy.

Call us today to get the right estimate on all home remodeling needs. A dream home is just right around the corner. Call Granson Contracting Inc. today for quality services throughout the area.

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Thomas J Granson has expanded the services he offers with his business, Granson Contracting Inc. 4