TheMacLyf on Why Investing in Personal Branding is the Best Long Term Play

TheMacLyf Hive Mind

TheMacLyf Hive Mind

Investing in personal branding often see’s the highest forms of “ROI” (return on adspend), however just not in the short term.

Try, fail and then try some more”

— Mackenzie Thompson

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, February 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Investing in personal branding is the best possible long term play one can make in business”, quotes Mackenzie Thompson (aka TheMacLyf). You hear this term thrown around a lot but no one really dives deep into how to actually go about investing in a personal brand and how it can be beneficial for building a profitable business.

The successful ecommerce entrepreneur believes investing in a personal brand is as simple as putting out daily content to an audience on a platform that best suits each individuals inclinations. YouTube, podcasts and daily instagram posts are the platforms Mackenzie has leveraged to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars online per year, and is what he describes as the biggest opportunity of “this generation”. By building an in depth knowledge of the algorithms at play and the users behind them, it is possible to reach a market larger than ever seen before in history with the least amount of “labour”.

Mackenzie suggests that for people struggling to speak on camera, or those who feel weird or nervous about publishing the content they create, this is a good sign. New skills always require some period of feeling uncomfortable before finally getting into a rhythm, the best way is just to start, put one foot down after the other and focus on the long term results, rather than the short term ones.

By putting out daily content on topics that people are interested in, one can very quickly build an audience of likeminded people who will make engaging with the content part of their daily routine, thus allowing these potential customers to build a relationship with the person pushing the “content”, before ever even starting a real conversation.

In due time, when an opportunity to sell a product or service, the individual who has spent a large amount of time creating relatable content already has a large network of “warmed up” customers, ready to hand their money over with little to no selling strategies needed. Mackenzie believes the next most important thing in playing the long game is to guard each persons reputation at all costs and make sure that one always overdelivers on the goods or services that they sell.

The biggest benefit of a personal brand is that the consumer is just happy to buy from the individual whose content they enjoy ,as they feel they are part of “something bigger”, making selling whatever it is, extremely easy.

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