The Whitehouse & HCU Honors Dr. William L. Benson


Billionaires Row CEO and HCU Chairman Dr. William L. Benson received the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award which is consider the nation’s highest honor.

USA, September 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — CEO of Billionaires Row Dr. William Benson is recognized for his highly acclaimed business acumen in industries of finance, real estate, and luxury brand of spirits, art, and global water initiative. He has used the opportunities in each of these spaces to show his commitment to the community. After 15 years of dedicated service, The Whitehouse recognizes his contributions as well as his acumen in business which has provided opportunities to rise by merit, created a legacy of noble citizens, and to celebrated excellence.

Dr. William L. Benson is a devoted father, mastermind and innovator of business, and community leader who came from humble beginnings in search of a dream much bigger than himself that would be able to inspire anyone. As success was continuing to reach, a circle around his family began to be erased only for a much bigger circle to be drawn around an entire community of business owners, creatives, other charitable non-profit causes, and every day people who have been impacted in some way by him.

In May 2022, he was appointed as Chairman to the Board of Regents at Harvest Christian University. He envisions the expansion of the University’s programs and reach while sharing the sentiments of President Dr. Carl Robinson, Chancellor Dr. Edmund Keli’i Paki Silva, Jr., and Provost Dr. Jonathan Robinson that this will be the institution and platform that will no longer beg companies for employment opportunities, but to receive a quality education which equips students to reach for their greatest potential through discovering their gifts to pave a path directly to limitless entrepreneurship which could build new institutions that could be the key to generational wealth.

Dr. Benson quotes, “It’s an honor to be honored in this way. When such an award of this magnitude is to be received, the only words to express my deepest gratitude would simply be “Thank You”. This past Saturday, Harvest Christian University’s alumni, family, and friends celebrated these fellow recipients who received this honor was Archbishop Bobby Land, Jr. R&B singer Dr. Durrell A. Babbs, Sr. (Tank) sent his congratulations and the award was received on his behalf by HCU’s Provost, Dr. Jonathan Robinson.

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The Whitehouse & HCU Honors Dr. William L. Benson 1