The Uluru Finance continues Steve Irwin’s legacy.



Uluru Finance donated to 7+ countries worldwide.

MANCHESTER, GREATER MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM, August 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Uluru token, launched in June 2021, is a unique opportunity for wildlife lovers to invest and to support nature.

The concept of so-called charity tokens is popular nowadays in the crypto world. They function both as an investment and as a means of raising funds to help those in need.

A small group of friends saw the potential in this novel way of charity and created the Uluru token. They dedicate 4% of the total token market capitalization to wildlife preservation projects, and various charities.

The team loved Steve Irwin’s TV shows. Thus, the initial aim of the token was to support the preservation of Australia’s natural environment, especially helping the rehabilitation of animals injured in forest fires. The name Uluru came from the sacred mountain, the symbol of Australia’s distant past, when only the natives lived on the continent.

According to Maja Eva Hollo, CEO, starting was not easy. When the token was still small, they started donating from their own money.

– We are nature lovers, not crypto experts, and everyone puts their free time and money into the project. We had challenging times, and we learned a lot along the way – told Maja. She adds that the many positive feedbacks from their growing community kept them going forward.

They later switched to a worldwide focus, and has already donated to nature preservation, animal care, and humanitarian projects, not only in Australia, but also in Nigeria, Peru, Turkey, India, and Asia. The token has already three thousand holders worldwide.

– It takes a lot of effort to stand out, because the competition among crypto tokens nowadays is huge. Only the best projects, that follow their mission consistently can stand the test of time. We plan for long term – explains Roland Balogh, founder. According to him, worldwide reputation is key, because the amount they can donate depends on the amount people invest.

The more people invest the more they can donate. Therefore, they are building a global community around Uluru token.

There is a great potential in Uluru, and it is still in a very early stage. But crypto investments are not an easy ride, one must prepare for huge swings.
– As for all cryptos, its price could increase a thousandfold, or more. Even a small investment can become potentially huge. – said Roland.
That also means now is the best opportunity to get in.

The team also made a website, with detailed information: http://uluru.finance/ Our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJBQ7FDpJZM9X12APTe6k-g

Roland Balogh
Founder of Uluru Finance

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Uluru Finance
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The Uluru Finance continues Steve Irwin's legacy. 1