The Packaging Company Brings Curby Mailer™ Envelopes to Its Eco-Friendly Lineup

An image of a curbside recyclable Curby Mailer™ and a view of its internal honeycomb-structured paper cushioning.

Made from recycled and recyclable paper materials, the Curby Mailer™ can go right into curbside recycling bins without any special handling by customers.

The convenient and eco-friendly e-commerce mailer is designed to take full advantage of the movement towards fully curbside recyclable packaging materials.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Packaging Company, a North American online packaging retailer specializing in stock and custom packaging options for e-commerce businesses, has expanded its growing offering of eco-friendly mailer envelope options. The Curby Mailer™, designed with convenience and sustainability in mind, takes advantage of the growing demand for eco-conscious protective packaging materials that are fully curbside recyclable.

Constructed with recycled and recyclable paper materials, the Curby Mailer™ can go right into curbside recycling bins once its journey is complete. Customers will have no need of dismantling its inner materials or taking it to a special disposal site, making it a streamlined and intuitive product that’s easier to recycle than other traditional plastics-based or bubble-lined mailers.

“We strive to offer our customers the kind of packaging supplies that bring together protection, sustainability, and reliability in one convenient form,” says Olivia Pietersen, E-Commerce Business Manager at The Packaging Company. “With its plastic-free construction and ability to go straight into the recycling bin with everything else, the Curby Mailer™ more than fits that bill.”

Plastics-based mailer envelopes, which have long been a common shipping choice for e-commerce businesses, are not easily recyclable or sustainable in nature. The Curby Mailer™ is designed as the ideal eco-conscious alternative to poly bubble or kraft bubble mailer envelopes. Each mailer is lined inside with an innovative honeycomb-structured paper cushioning that offers significant environmental and product protection benefits over traditional padding materials like bubble or foam.

As demand for online ordering and fast delivery increases, so does the demand for packaging that doesn’t create excess waste, damage the planet, or sacrifice protection. More and more, consumers are choosing to spend their money at businesses who are willing to display socially conscious and environmentally aware thinking in their day-to-day operations.

By bringing the Curby Mailer™ into their extensive packaging collection, The Packaging Company is focusing on providing discerning businesses and customers with the eco-friendly packaging they are rightly advocating for. As their green initiatives and commitment to sustainable and more easily recyclable products continues, there’s no question that more useful products like the curbside recyclable Curby Mailer™ will join their lineup in the future.

The Packaging Company is an award-wining online packaging retailer that offers a wide variety of high-quality stock packaging products and supplies. As part of their commitment to helping businesses of all sizes have access to branded packaging, their Custom Shop features a comprehensive collection of custom packaging options, each featuring low minimum order requirements and a free and easy-to-use online packaging design program.

The Packaging Company’s unique design toolsets, industry knowledge and insight, and dedication to customer success ensures they live up to their unique motto: Your E-Commerce Partner.

For more information, please visit www.thepackagingcompany.com.

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The Packaging Company Brings Curby Mailer™ Envelopes to Its Eco-Friendly Lineup 1