The Next CryptoPunks Has Arrived with FATBOIS NFT Drop on Opensea



WallStreetBets Token Founder Jerry Gomez Wants to Help People Get Rich

SILICON VALLEY, CALIF., UNITED STATES, October 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jerry Gomez, the original trusted developer of the WallStreetBets Token, has launched a new NFT project. The FATBOIS NFT project, hailed as the next CryptoPunks, has just been released on Opensea.

Gomez has more than 20 years of experience in IT and many years of experience creating and developing crypto code. He is known for founding the original WallStreetBets Coin, a privacy-driven mineable coin, and the WallStreetBets Token, a Binance Smart Token. After its release in April 2021, the WallStreetBets Token rose to an $8 million valuation within its first two weeks. Gomez holds the trademarks for both developments.

Gomez’s latest project shifts to the NFT space with FATBOIS NFT. Gomez had one specific goal in mind when he began the NFT project – to make people rich. The mission is to become the largest hoarders of ETH and make gains. The FATBOIS are fat because they are full of cash.

“These FATBOIS are going to be the next CryptoPunks and will make all early investors massive profits,” Gomez said. “They are already released and at the ground-floor price of about $5. FATBOIS are NFTS with FAT HATS and FAT WALLETS. Basically, the FATBOIS themselves are rich and full of Etherium!”

The total FATBOIS supply is 12,222, and each costs 0.0017 ETH or 4.4 Polygon or MATIC. There are 1,300 total items minted with super rares spread throughout the collection. Purchases are limited to 40 at one time. The project is currently publicly traded, and FATBOIS can be used in any manner, though Gomez suggests that minters use them to get rich.

By entering into FATBOIS now, minters will be joining at the beginning of the launch before trading volume increases. Gomez said he expects the project to grow by by tens of millions of dollars per year in the fast-emerging, billion-dollar NFT market.

“Investing in the next CryptoPunks NFT now is the wisest financial decision one can make. If something cost you the price of a Frappuccino now but has the potential to hit thousands of dollars, it is only reasonable to get a FATBOI now at $5,” Gomez added.

For more information on the FATBOIS NFT drop, visit fatboisnft.com or www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpRV3pyXIHk. People can also follow the project on Twitter, Discord and Telegram.

For more information about Gomez, visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/jerrygomez31/ and https://github.com/cryptodeveloperbro.


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The Next CryptoPunks Has Arrived  with FATBOIS NFT Drop on Opensea 1