The Highly Anticipated Event ART AUCTION+PARTY Returns Again This Year “Take Home a Nude 2022” on Tuesday, October 25

 Canadian artist, Francis Nguyen1

Canadian artist, Francis Nguyen

Francis Nguyen 2

Francis Nguyen during one of his artistic creations

Bas relie

Bas relief “The Last Stop”, being up for bid at auction for Take Home a Nude 2022

The extraordinary Canadian artist Francis Nguyen will be present with one of his works in the prestigious art event of the year “Take Home a Nude 2022”

Form follows function and as such, I conceptualize my work through the practice of drawing and rarify form through materiality.”

— Francis Nguyen

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, October 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Canadian artist Francis Nguyen will be present at an upcoming auction + party in New York to benefit the City’s Academy of Art.

Francis’s artwork “The Last Stop”, a bas-relief depicting a major flood in New York City, was selected to be exhibited and put up for sale on October 25, 2022, at the Chelsea Industrial headquarters at 535 West 28th Street.

Chelsea Industrial will host the art event of the year, we are talking about the stainless, prestigious, and funnily provocative auction + party “Take Home a Nude 2022”, which will bring together art lovers and art creators from all over the world. This year’s Take Home a Nude auction will be the 31st edition of the annual event and will honor renowned British visual artist Tracy Mein. The Canadian artist’s work will be exhibited together with the works of the best artists, such as Bo Bartlett with his suggestive realist painting set in the American tradition, the surrealist New York artist Will Cotton, Ann Craven, Sam McKinniss, and many other icons of international art.

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Francis Nguyen is an innovative Canadian artist, recently interviewed by the Art magazine NYARTLIFE. A creative whose realistic figurative art places the realistically portrayed human figure at the center of his artistic work. Portraits of him are strikingly depicted as portraits, figure studies, nudes, and scenes in which man and humans are at the center of the work. His art is revered for the sensitive representation of the emotions that capture the human experience. Realistic and conceptually provocative figurative.

They have a modern sensibility and vibrant colors with an old master’s attention to detail. The results are beautiful and compelling paintings with universal themes that people relate to. Francis is a complete artist, he dominates artistic techniques so much that he can represent any form that appears before his senses, achieving remarkable results in the portrait. Francis is endowed with human qualities, the ability to investigate the psychology of his subjects, and he can artistically return the soul of the subject he portrays, which can go beyond simple literal similarity.

Almost metaphysical aspects emerge in his works of art that can interest any viewer. Francis has an artistic maturity such as stimulating identification with those who relate to the work. In an empathic analysis of his artistic work, his culture, his vision, and his independence of representation are evident. His portrait works convey that universality that makes them timeless, transforming them into a life lesson for anyone who observes it.

Francis Nguyen has received an MFA from the New York Academy of Art and has studied extensively to perfect his craft in figurative realism.

His work has been exhibited at venues such as Sotheby’s, the Salmagundi Club, Forbes Galleries, and the United Nations.

His work has been featured in Veranda Magazine and has received honorable mentions as a finalist in The Art Renewal Center Salon.

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The Highly Anticipated Event ART AUCTION+PARTY Returns Again This Year “Take Home a Nude 2022” on Tuesday, October 25 3