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The Strength of the Nation

Luisa Plancher pens the book “The Strength of the Nation” to guide readers on how to make the country great, and how to contribute to peace in the Middle East.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — People across the globe have the right to know and learn about the political aspects that contribute to making them responsible citizens. Politics has existed for a long time; rules are enacted in each country to prevent turmoil and maintain proper balance. It is the only way to have a peaceful country with competent governance.

“The Strength of the Nation” tells the story of an angel who shows Luisa the actuality of the supernational world. She shares her views with political leaders on how to develop a strong foundation in the field of politics with the support of God Almighty. Readers from all aspects of life will be drawn to this book because the author makes the stories interesting and easy to understand. Furthermore, they will become good participants in the political and religious life of their country.

In “The Strength of the Nation” the author indicates that, since our nation of the USA is composed of citizens from all the nations in the world, we can demonstrate to all nations that, if we can get along here and achieve Unity by dedicating ourselves to Jesus the Christ and his Gospel, all nations can come together and achieve unity also, by adopting Jesus as King of kings and Lord of lords. Regarding Israel, we in the USA can help the Jewish people repent for having killed Jesus, and facilitate a reconciliation among Arabs and Jews, and help them to be re-grafted into their root: Abraham, and when in Israel the Jewish people see the progress made here in the USA, they will become jealous and will adapt the same guidelines of reconciliation in their own country. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Luisa’s recipe to bring peace in the Middle East.

Therefore, this book aspires to make the USA a prototype for the Kingdom of God, and to bring Jews and Arabs together in the State of Israel, and achieve unity there. Plancher wrote this book to support the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, to keep the country great and strong. When President Biden came along, she added some pages to her last episode in order to give the new president guidance also.

Author Luisa Mirella Plancher is an Italian school teacher who married an American citizen and moved to the USA. Here, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and pursued a career in social work. Being born during WWII, she has witnessed the squalor of wars, and she is grateful to our nation of the USA, and to other allied nations who intervened and defeated Hitler, and helped Italy recover during the Post-War. In fact, Luisa is the recipient of the generosity of the USA and the allied nations, who established various Programs after WWII. One of these Programs included sending young students to boarding schools to earn degrees. Therefore, Luisa was sent to a boarding school where she stayed for seven years and earned a degree in education, which allowed her to become a school teacher and a productive member of her society.

Read more about “The Strength of the Nation” by purchasing her book on Amazon.com.

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