SpecTruth announces ten (10) planned airdrops of social benefit meme tokens for its STRUE holders in 2022 .

STRUE token

STRUE token

SpecTruth announces ten (10) planned airdrops of social benefit meme tokens for its STRUE holders in 2022 . 1

Airdrop tokenomics

SpecTruth will reward STRUE holders while raising awareness and millions beginning with ten charitable causes. STRUE is SpecTruth’s native metaverse token.

Do Well by Doing Good”

— Mikail Aslan

KIEV, KIEV OBLAST, UKRAINE, January 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — SpecTruth, the developers of STRUE, have announced that they plan to mint and deploy ten (10) new social meme tokens. Once per month beginning in March until 2023. The goal for the monthly minting and deployment is to build awareness for various social causes, provide funding, and dispel the stigma that cryptocurrency trading is bad for the environment.

Speculative traders are invested into various meme tokens like Shibu Ina and Doge with little to no social benefit. The developers of SpecTruth want to donate a large portion of the initial minting to the charities so the value of the donation can increase if and when the token does. Each of these tokens will have their virtual kiosk where the public can see how the funds where dispersed and results of the charitable giving. Moreover, STRUE holders will receive airdrops of each new minting.

STRUE is in pre-sale and is planning to be listed on an exchange in the next 60 days. STRUE holders will receive five (5) tokens for every STRUE token owned as the new meme tokens are being deployed. For example, a person holding 1,000.000 STRUE tokens would receive 5,000,000 #AMZN tokens for free as a reward if they own STRUE when #AMZN is deployed. This will be true for all new meme tokens deployed throughout the year. Essentially, a holder of STRUE who holds their token all year would benefit from all of the meme coins deployed.

Holders of STRUE and the new meme tokens will be able to download and display their support of these causes the same way people wore colored bracelets for various charities.

The planned airdrops will start with and grow as demands grows:

Token’s Symbol: #AMZN
Token’s Name: Amazon Preserve
Token’s Purpose: Purchase as many acres of Amazon rain forest for preservation as possible.

Token’s Symbol: #BLWVS
Token’s Name: Blue Waves
Token’s Name: Blue Token’s Purpose: Funding ocean cleanup projects.

Token’s Symbol: #BCATS
Token’s Name: Big Cats
Token’s Purpose: Big Cats will help current big cat sanctuaries and establish a new state-of-the-art big cat sanctuary in Eastern Europe to assist with their repopulation.

Token’s Symbol: #MERIT
Token’s Name: Merit Scholarships
Token’s Purpose: Scholarships based on academic merit alone without gender, race or religion as factors.

Token’s Symbol: #FREED
Token’s Name: Freedom for Everyone
Token’s Purpose: Fund non-profits trying to end modern slavery. Right now, there are an estimated 38 million people.

Token’s Symbol: #FREES
Token’s Name: Free Speech
Token’s Purpose: Create and fund non-partisan news without commentary.

Token’s Symbol: #FWATER
Token’s Name: Fresh Water
Token’s Purpose: Fund projects that are providing clean drinking water.

Token’s Symbol: #SHRMZ
Token’s Name: Shrooms
Token’s Purpose: Fund projects that replace Styrofoam with mycelium

Token’s Symbol: #TREES
Token’s Name: Million Trees
Token’s Purpose: Fund the planting of one million exotic trees.

Token’s Symbol: #WVET
Token’s Name: Warriors and Veterans
Token’s Purpose: Educate veterans to create livable wages using the metaverse.

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SpecTruth announces ten (10) planned airdrops of social benefit meme tokens for its STRUE holders in 2022 . 2