Soft Hearts Releases Human Perception Audio Testing and Tuning Software

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Tuning  Audio to the human perception

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Soft Hearts Releases Human Perception Audio Testing and Tuning Software, adding to the existing Linear , A-Weighted, B-Weighted and C-Weighted capabilities.

Tuning audio to the human perception, Soft Hearts LLC”

— Kamil Javaid

LEWES, DE, UNITED STATES, April 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Soft Hearts LLC releases human perception based audio testing and tuning software for Windows and Mac platforms. Media& Entertainment and Consumer Electronics Production packages are available for each platform.

Here are some key features and benefits of Soft Heart’s audio testing software:
– Auto equalization Linear, A-Weighted, B-Weighted, C-weighted, Equal Loudness Curve methods with target dB(SPL/A/B/C)/Phons accuracy to match human perception.
– Apply the EQ to sound tracks and save new tracks.
– Human Perception Test, Bark Scale intensity chart. (Requires large memory)
– Hi-Res intensity chart for buzz/pop detection. (Requires large memory)
– Standard Magnitude, Phase, THD, THD+N, Rubb&Buzz, Pink Noise, Noise Tests.
– Distortion-free stimulus, even the equalized stimulus.
– Unlimited channel acquisition and processing. (Hardware limited)
– Unlimited calibrations and equalization for scaling to different products and stations.
– Auto waveform alignment and triggering.(Up to single-point alignment accuracy)
– Automatically avoid Reference speaker play and stop pops.
– Lowest test system and test sequence development times.
– Easy limits and logs development.
– Easy logs visualization module.
– Easy regression testing via TCP client.
– Requires minimal training and debugging.
– TCP client for test framework integration.
– WMD, ASIO and Core Audio driver-compatible sound cards supported. (Windows/Mac)

About Soft Hearts LLC and Its Founder
Soft Hearts LLC founder, Kamil Javaid, started with the vision of making an audio test software that can make audio sound exactly how human perception wants to hear it. One of the goals was to make it so simple that even an ordinary layman can calibrate/tune the audio devices without having any specialized knowledge of the audio field.

To check out their various audio products on their online store, https://softheartsllc.com/store . You can also go directly to their website at https://softheartsllc.com to learn more about them.

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