SnacTripster Releases New Ultimate Leak-Proof Travel Kit



Feel good about snack time with convenient alternative to provide healthy on-the-go snacks

NEW YORK, USA, August 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — SnacTripster today announced the release of the ultimate leak-proof food travel kit for children. The kit was designed to replace single-use plastics and be fun for kids to bring healthy snacks from home. The product solves an old but familiar problem for parents who need to bring food along on trips with children.

SnacTripster is extremely durable, reusable, and more eco-friendly than single-use plastics. The ergonomic design is compact, convenient, and tip-resistant on flat surfaces. The attached leak-proof lid makes SnacTripster the perfect companion for any school lunch box or diaper bag. Bright colors and fun stickers encourage creativity and healthy eating.

CEO and founder Francine Weinberg came up with the idea behind SnacTripster while taking the bus home from work. She saw a mother struggling to feed her child ,balancing the lid and trying to hold the food container while feeding him – a difficult task on a moving bus. Weinberg thought that there had to be a better way.

She researched online and found that there were not any convenient, portable leak-proof containers with attached lids available on the market that would be more convenient to feed kids in those circumstances. The product’s compact size enables it to fit as comfortably in a diaper bag as it does in a kid’s lunch box.

Like many families, Weinberg has family members with disabilities. SnacTripster has unique and patented features like the attached lid, making it much easier for kids with special needs to grab and hold onto. As Weinberg put it, “Welcome to SnacTripster! It’s built to help kids bring healthy food from home instead of buying unhealthy prepackaged snack food. SnacTripster is the ONLY durable and complete food travel kit that replaces single-use plastics. It’s Food Travel Made Fun!”

The containers come with fun SnacTripster Stickers that let kids fuel their imaginations. With images of the “Baby Dragon,” “Gamer Monster” and more, the stickers make food travel fun. The SnacTripster stickers are durable, removable, and reusable.

Weinberg and SnacTripster are also on a mission to save the oceans. Nearly 40 percent of all plastic produced is for single-use packaging, and much of that plastic waste winds up littering the oceans and killing wildlife. SnacTripster was designed to replace single-use plastic that litters the oceans. The containers are BPA-free, phthalate-free and lead-free. SnacTripster is FDA certified food safe for children six months and older.

As the consumption of snack foods has skyrocketed with sales of savory snacks such as chips, popcorn, and pretzels climbing to $56 billion in 2020, SnacTripster makes it just as convenient to provide children with healthier snack alternatives.

Early customer response has been highly enthusiastic. One child told SnacTripster, “I Absolutely adore SnacTipster! As an active and always on-the-go kid with my Mom, I always bring my fruit snack in my SnacTripster. I love the built in spoon/fork and I use that too!!!!” Another customer shared, “Furry Monster Is Great. We absolutely love your SnacTripster for all of our snacks and food on the go. They don’t leak and are 100% eco-friendly.”

For more information, visit snactripster.com.

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