SleepSmartz To Help Pastors After Most Difficult Year In History

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After a devastating year for pastors, SleepSmartz is developing a new tool to help pastors overcome stress induced insomnia which often leads to depression

EDMOND, OK, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — SleepSmartz, a producer of audio sleep sessions for those who struggle with insomnia, is announcing the development of new sleep sessions, accessed through an app, for pastors and ministers tormented by the impact of insomnia. A crowdfunding campaign on GiveSendGo has recently launched for the development and production of these sleep sessions.

“2020 was a year of unprecedented stress for most pastors,” said Gary Brown, SleepSmartz CEO, “Devastating for so many. A pandemic resulting in empty churches was followed by a reopening with only a fraction returning. Many churches lost half or more of their congregation and 50 – 60% of their income. Add to this the increasing hostility in our culture toward Christianity and you have a pastoral catastrophe in many churches.”

Pastors traditionally experience many of the stressful events in life that can result in sleeplessness including financial difficulties, divisive church members, unrealistic expectations of a perfect marriage and children and the ever present pressure of delivering a “great” sermon week after week. The pandemic was the breaking point for many.

According to research by the Barna Group, 29% of pastors are considering whether to leave the ministry entirely. That equals approximately 110,000 pastors. Pastoral Care, Inc. reports that 35% of pastors feel depressed or inadequate and chronic insomnia intensifies this emotional suffering.

“Many pastors are facing the toughest moment of their life,” Brown said. “So SleepSmartz is going to develop series of sleep sessions grounded in scripture that incorporate recovery principles, each one focused on an issue that cause pastors the most stress. The last thing pastors will think about before drifting off to sleep will be an encouraging way to deal with the problems that most concern them.”

To develop sleep sessions for pastors, SleepSmartz will partner with a treatment program for pastors who struggle in their calling. “It is critical that we incorporate professional recovery principles in each sleep session so pastors are genuinely helped and encouraged as they drift off to sleep each night,” Brown confirmed.

“I am convinced that one of the greatest gifts the body of Christ could receive is a resource to help stressed, burned out and depressed pastors overcome insomnia and be refreshed with peaceful sleep,” remarked Pastor Mark Borseth of Resurrection Lutheran Church in Yukon, OK. “I am excited that such a resource is being developed.”

Last year, SleepSmartz produced 84 sleep sessions for those struggling with opioid, alcohol, meth and other addictions. Developed under the direction of SleepSmartz Chief Scientific Officer Lowell Robertson, M.D. Addiction Medicine, these audio sessions include proven relaxation techniques combined with professional recovery principles from the 12-Step program.

Brown expects the initial sleep sessions for pastors to be released sometime after the next generation SleepSmartz app is released later this year. The current app is a simple “template” app and the new app will include many advanced features.

Crowdfunding for the development of sleep sessions is new for SleepSmartz. “After considering a number of other options, we felt it was a good idea. So I hope everyone will visit our campaign on GiveSendGo and give to help pastors everywhere,” Brown said. “Our mission is to help all those whom God has called to the ministry but who struggle with insomnia and with enough support, we will.”

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