Samantha F. Grant, A-List Celebrity Nutritionist, Produces Ground-Breaking Strategy to Heal from Long-Term COVID-19

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Samantha F. Grant is the Leading Nutritionist for COVID-19 Recovery

Best Holistic Nutritionist, Samantha F. Grant, Finds Solution for Victims Damaged by Gut Microbiome Playing a Major Role in COVID-19 Recovery

The gut is the largest immunological organ in the body and there is mounting evidence that the microbiome composition is linked to inflammatory diseases within the gut and systemically.”

— Samantha F. Grant, Top Nutritionist in USA

LOS. ANGELES, CA, USA, February 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Samantha F. Grant offers a ground-breaking strategy for recovering from long-term COVID-19 infection. After “healing,” a large number of persons infected with COVID-19 reported continuing problems and symptoms for up to six months. Fatigue, physical weakness, and insomnia were the most commonly mentioned problems.

Samantha F. Grant, a leading holistic nutritionist, discovered a solution for victims harmed by the gut microbiome, which plays a key role in COVID-19 recovery.

“My 70-year old parents were infected with COVID-19 two months ago and have had fatigue and physical weakness. I eagerly look forward to helping them with Samantha F. Grant’s solution through nutrition.” states actress Jenn Gotzon.

With the gut containing around 75% of the immune system, any alteration to the microbiome can result in a difficult and lengthy recovery, especially if the infection is severe and affects critical organs. Even though it’s not entirely obvious what causes lengthy COVID or why only some people get it, the researchers believe it may play a role. A disturbed gut microbiome is being implicated in a growing number of studies.

Grant guides 5 top tips to support a healthy gut and can also optimize immune function.

1. Eat your Vegetables! The fiber found in vegetables feeds the “good” bacteria in your gut.
2. Reduce sugars and processed foods. These foods are high in monosaccharides and are digested quickly, therefore starving the microbiome. This can lead to deterioration of your gut lining which promotes inflammation.
3. Add fermented foods to your diet. Kimchi, Kombucha, kefir are all rich sources of probiotics that feed good bacteria. Unflavored yogurt is another good option.
4. Go to bed! Rest is important for microbial balance and helps control inflammation.
5. Add polyphenol-rich foods to your diet. Red wine (in moderation), green tea, blueberries, dark chocolate, and pomegranates all stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.
Implement some of these tips to rev up your microbiome and boost your immune system!

Grant, throughout her successful career, has helped thousands on their path to wellness. She specializes in hormonal balancing, correcting metabolism irregularities, and weight loss. Highly in demand for her knowledge in multiple disciplines of health, Samantha inspires others with her keynote presentations and workshops and was recently a guest on the hit CBS show The Doctors. Samantha is the creator of the menu plan for the recently published book, “The Fatigue Solution: Increase Your Energy in Eight Easy Steps” by Dr. Eva Cwynar.

“I came to Samantha after suffering from exhaustion and digestive distress for months without any help from the doctors I’d seen about my condition. She expertly picked up on critical points ignored by everyone else that actually held the key to my problem – food sensitivities and leaky gut syndrome. This revelation has changed my life many times over – I lost almost 20 lbs, ended chronic headaches, significantly reduced digestive issues, and now have tons of energy! Samantha’s got a second sense to pinpointing hidden, underlying problems that ultimately bring peace to one’s body. Thanks, Sam!” Jennifer Fugo, Health Coach & Yoga Teacher, Founder of Glutenfreeschool.com, Philadelphia

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Samantha F. Grant, A-List Celebrity Nutritionist, Produces Ground-Breaking Strategy to Heal from Long-Term COVID-19 1