Rheumatology Research Foundation to Host Just Diagnosed: Now What? Patient Webinar

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, September 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Rheumatology Research Foundation (Foundation) announced they will host a webinar this Thursday, September 30, for individuals who have recently been diagnosed with a rheumatic disease. The Foundation’s “Just Diagnosed: Now What?” webinar will feature Academy-nominated screenwriter and patient Emily Gordon with Rheumatologist Stuart Kassan, MD, MAC.

The discussion will focus on what it’s like to receive a diagnosis, what the best methods of coping are with this life-changing news, and how patients can advocate for themselves in the next steps of their journey. Gordon will offer the patient perspective, as someone who herself has lived with both Stills Disease and Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID), while Dr. Kassan will offer the perspective as someone who specializes in treating patients with rheumatic diseases.

“It’s such a combination of accepting your body as is, reaching for more, and asking for more,” said Gordon. “It’s a really delicate balance. Patients are not always advocating for themselves, and I think it’s something that we all need to be focusing on, is that journey that a lot of us are going on to try to find treatment. It’s not a very sexy topic so a lot of us aren’t talking about it.”

The webinar will include a Q&A portion with pre-submitted questions. Some initial questions include:
• Why is self-advocacy and being an empowered patient important?
• How can I make the most out of my appointment with a rheumatologist?
• What are some of the hurdles and barriers in advocating for yourself and others in the healthcare system?
• What skills and tools do you need to be an effective advocate for yourself or your loved ones in the healthcare system?

Gordon co-wrote the film “The Big Sick” based on her own medically induced coma and marriage to her husband Kumail Nanjinani, which was nominated for an Academy Award. She is also a member of the Foundation’s Impact Advisory Council.
Additional questions can be submitted to foundation@rheumatology.org, and registration for the webinar, to take place September 30 at 7:30pm EST, can be found here.


About the Rheumatology Research Foundation
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