Reimagining the 8 Planets for Kids

Reimagining the 8 Planets for Kids 1

Explore the Galaxy with Champion and Dominion

Reimagining the 8 Planets for Kids 2

Loving Brothers Champion and Dominion

ATLANTA , GEORGIA , UNITED STATES, October 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Many of us grew up with an understanding that Pluto was one of the planets in our Solar System. Well, this is news for some of us, but now Pluto is classified as a dwarf planet after planetary scientists found an icy object further from the Sun than Pluto.

New children’s book that discusses the solar system and includes a 5 question quiz at the conclusion is, “Champion and Dominion Explore the Galaxy” by Clyde Publishers.

Inspired by Richard Branson and Inspiration4’s recent trip into outer space the goal for this book is to peak interest in younger readers about the planets in the Galaxy in a Dr. Seuss like format.

Loving brothers, Champion and Dominion allow their imagination to take them to new heights as they explore outer space aboard their Clyde SpaceX.

For the curious observer as well as the student of planetary science, this book will be an essential library acquisition. Readers young and old will have a better understanding of the whole concept of space and help them explore the galaxy in a new and fun way.

Today’s scientists are eager to help learning about our solar system fun and digestible as the world normalizes the frequency of visiting outer space.

So bring the solar system to life with the new hit book, “Champion and Dominion Explore the Galaxy.” This solar system story is perfect for daytime or nighttime reading, accompanied by a five-question quiz at the book’s conclusion.

There is also a coloring book of the solar system available on their site: https://www.championanddominion.org/

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