Race Healer Milagros Phillips Publishes Fourth Book: “Cracking the Healer’s Code”

Race Healer Milagros Phillips Publishes Fourth Book: “Cracking the Healer’s Code” 1

The book is based on the expert’s 35 years of transcendent work for people of all backgrounds to heal their experiences with racism and find wholeness

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, March 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — When the world floods the streets to speak out against the racism amidst a global health crisis, it’s clear there is much to be done surrounding the racist foundation on which the U.S. and other countries were built. While many misconceptions around racism’s prevalence have included ignoring it (color blindness), trying to undo it or defying it, 35-year coach, author, TEDx Presenter and keynote speaker Milagros Phillips sees the only way to overcome the trauma of racism is to heal it.

In Phillips’ latest book, she provides a tangible framework to help people embark on this process in the comfort of wherever they are. Cracking the Healer’s Code: A Prescription For Healing Racism & Finding Wholeness was published in October 2021 and is available on Amazon.

“Anti-racism work cracks you open and leaves you there. I crack you open and move you through the healing process,” Phillips says. “Help people transform from the inside out; help them find who they are because this stuff is so thick – it’s like a shield in front of people’s hearts. I help people to move through it with compassion and love. We heal faster in the energy of love than in fear, victimization and shame.”

Cracking the Healer’s Code is a guidebook that comes with an accompanying journal to help readers not only understand the process for healing but to digest it in their own words – to address their feelings, their traumas, their reactions. To experience healing with Phillips and feel the safety and sacredness of her guiding force.

Within the pages of this book, you’ll find:
• The historical context behind the last five hundred years of our internalized racial conditioning.
• The roadmap for breaking through the layers of misinformation, preconceived assumptions and stereotypes.
• The healing process, broken down into stages, which will empower us to claim our right to wholeness.
• The resources to help us connect the dots at the end of the process.

Moving through the violence and trauma of our human history will not be an easy task, nor should it be. Cracking the Healer’s Code invites us to walk through the healing process and be transformed.

To book Milagros Phillips as a keynote speaker, Diversity & Inclusion educator or to sign up for one of her lifechanging programs, visit her website and Instagram.


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Race Healer Milagros Phillips Publishes Fourth Book: “Cracking the Healer’s Code” 2