Pudding Maker pudu pudu Expands their ‘Edible Art’ Concept to Silver Lake

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Experience Elevated Pudding at pudu pudu’s Newest Location in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today, pudu pudu is announcing the opening of their second location in Los Angeles’ vibrant Silver Lake neighborhood. Following the success of their Venice flagship location, opened just eight months ago during the pandemic, pudu pudu has opened its doors at 3820 Sunset Blvd.

Known for their adventurous, imaginative take on an old family favorite, pudu pudu will bring their hand-crafted elevated puddings to their new home. Visitors to the new shop can expect the same deliciously innovative flavors, exceptional hospitality, and locally-sourced quality ingredients they have come to expect from pudu pudu.

With this second location, pudu pudu aims to honor the sense of community in this diverse, eclectic neighborhood by creating a welcoming space for visitors of all kinds to embark on a flavor adventure. “We cannot wait to become part of the fabric of Silver Lake. It’s such a unique and vibrant neighborhood with such creative and inspiring residents,” said Florian Schneider (Managing Director of Dr. Oetker Hospitality). “We’re confident that our welcoming shop design, the European-style coffee, and of course our delicious puddings, which are always pieces of edible art, will be the perfect match for the Silver Lake community.”

The proof is in the pudding. In addition to focusing on visual appeal, pudu pudu elevates this household treat by adding an artisan twist to the favored dessert. Sourcing local organic milk and adding popular superfoods such as turmeric, spirulina, and edible flowers to make creative flavor fusions, pudu pudu’s reimagined pudding classics are the perfect refreshing indulgence. The pudding is served at a cool 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the key temperature for ultimate enjoyment.

pudu pudu is also catching the attention of Los Angeles’ coffee connoisseurs with their European-style coffee. All of your favorites will be offered hot or iced using pudu pudu’s signature silky, rich coffee. It’s the perfect complement to their delectable puddings!

For non-coffee drinkers, pudu pudu has created their own electrolyte ‘Power Water’ and ‘Pudu Drops’. The water is jam-packed with health-boosting minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. The water drops, which come in 3 fun flavors, including Raspberry Green Tea, Lychee Rose, and Cucumber Lime, can be placed into your bottle to create yummy flavor-infused water.

“Our locations are more than just shops; they are community outposts for gathering, chatting, and connecting,” said Schneider. “We’re so grateful to Los Angeles for being so welcoming. Thanks to your support, we can now look forward to bringing our bold flavor adventures and unexpected surprises to Silver Lake.”

The pudu pudu brand has been imagined and launched by Dr. Oetker, a German multinational company that has been producing pudding and desserts since 1894. Dr. August Oetker, a German master pudding maker, believed in bringing people together, and inventing unexpected ways to enjoy classic desserts. His creative imagination and love of food gave friends and families new ways to come together and share memorable, tasty moments. Today his spirit lives on through pudu pudu, and this new generation of creative pudding makers.

To learn more about pudu pudu, please visit https://www.pudupudu.com/.


About the Dr. Oetker Hospitality Company
The Dr. Oetker Hospitality USA LLC was founded in 2020. It belongs to the Oetker Group, one of Europe’s largest family businesses, with more than 350 companies in different business areas worldwide. Founded in Bielefeld, Germany in 1891, the parent business of Dr. Oetker ranks today among the leading food manufacturers in Europe. From baking products to desserts, snacks and pizzas, the brand Dr. Oetker provides a wide range of food and services to meet the tastes of people around the world. More than 40 Dr. Oetker subsidiaries offer both national and international products adapted to the taste of the respective country. In Germany, Dr. Oetker is represented by more than 400 different products and is a market leader in almost all its retail categories. It occupies a top position among German food brands and also ranks among the most trusted food brands internationally.

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