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Enterprise Security Magazine Lauds Protek’ s QUICKTake and “RAR” Report Innovations

WILLOWBROOK, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, May 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Protek President and CEO Keith Chval can’t quite put his finger on it, but somewhere between the combination of Protek’s corporate Honest. Simple. Smart. guiding touchstones, the battle-tested expertise of his team of examiners, and Protek’s singular focus on their clients’ success, some kind of magic happens that builds deep and long-standing client relationships.

How else but “magic” could you explain client loyalty like when just recently an accomplished former federal prosecutor that now co-chairs the national white collar practice group of an NLJ Top 100 firm who, in relation to discussing a Protek project estimate to market rates said, “Keith, I honestly don’t know, Protek is the only one I ever call.” Or, similarly, when in a conversation with the in-house head of litigation for a $15 billion dollar manufacturer with over 40,000 employees spread across more than 50 countries he shared, “[Protek] is the only one I ever call when we have a digital forensics need.”

And, as you might expect, Protek isn’t content sitting on its laurels. Through its focus on its clients’ success through its Honest. Simple. Smart. lense, Protek is taking the wraps off of two major client-centric initiatives in 2022. The first is what Protek is dubbing its “Rapid Assessment Report,” or “RAR” which actually encompasses both a proprietary forensic tool and process and the actual RAR client deliverable itself.

“For some time, I had not been satisfied with the typical report deliverables that are standard in the forensics space,” shared Chval. “Even with our narrative explanations added, they simply weren’t ‘client friendly’ enough and, worse yet, our attorney clients couldn’t easily then share and use them with their clients to advance their investigation or litigation,” he continued.

So, Protek put its in-house EDGE DevLab to work and, after many hours of development, testing, and refinement, what’s emerged is a forensic software tool that takes all of the electronic artifacts extracted from respective devices, process and sorts them based upon the facts and context of the particular client matter, and then presents the most critical data evidencing the user’s activities into the Rapid Assessment Report. The RAR is transformative in the forensics space in that it is immediately understandable to non-technical readers, and includes a one-page Executive Dashboard which focuses even further on the most critical of the most important and includes examiner’s snap assessments.

“I seriously am not exaggerating when I tell you that the eyes of our attorney clients light up when I have shared the mock-up of the RAR with them,” exclaims Chval. That Protek is on to something of great interest to its clients is pretty well captured by the reaction of one of its clients, the chair of the leading national trade secret and unfair competition practice group, upon seeing the RAR said, “This is amazing, none of your competitors are doing anything like this!”

And, the second client-centric initiative being unveiled by Protek is what it has dubbed its “QUICKTake” flat rate, expedited forensics service offering.

“QUICKTake came from simply listening to our clients, observing what seems to be distracting them from focusing on the essence of their client work, and thinking about what Protek can do through our work and our processes to put them in the best position for success,” observed Chval.

With that, came QUICKTake. The essence of QUICKTake is that it allows clients to very quickly assess an individual’s cyber activities and at a reasonable, fixed cost. Clients simply package up the user’s computer and/or phone, send it to Protek, share the basic factual background and, within 7 days receive a RAR report, all within the standard flat rate fee. And, through the forensic imaging and collection phase in the process, they are also protected from spoliation claims.

“Our goal here was, in addition to nailing down the advanced RAR reporting, hitting the two facets of engaging forensics experts that would make the greatest positive impact for our clients- cost predictability and control and quick turn-around,” shared Chval. With the standardized flat rate and seven day turn-around, Protek has done just that!

Throughout Protek’s continuous push to deliver excellence to its clients, the most critical ingredient is its people. Respectfully…they’ve been around. Around, and in, the cyber investigative and courtroom trenches that is. With decades of cyber training and experience, they know full well how to look out for their clients’ best interests by paying attention to details that get less experienced examiners into trouble when it comes time to testify. And when things get heated in court, they don’t, expertly delivering facts and opinions in relatable terms that connect with a jury or judge.

Even with its two “big reveals” already planned for 2022, Chval hints that more is in the works. “Oh sure, we already have another major client initiative in the works, maybe by the end of ’22,” Chval shared, “and what’s really exciting are the things that we don’t even yet know about but will come to us through keeping our focus on, and listening to, what our clients most want.”
Enterprise Security Magazine is pleased to confer “Top Ten Digital Forensics Firm” status on Protek International, Inc. for 2022, and with the magic happening there, we suspect we’ll be doing so for years to come.

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