Pros and Cons of Motorcycle Travel

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Pros and Cons of Motorcycle Travel 2

There is nothing as exciting as going on a thrilling road trip with a motorcycle. But before you give it a try, read this post to know its pros and cons.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — There is a popular quote that says, traveling by motorcycle is one of the best ways to really explore a place – and we totally agree! No matter where you are going, traveling by motorcycle makes a truly unique and unforgettable experience. It gives you the feeling of total freedom and is another way to see and enjoy the delights of the open road.

But as exciting as motorcycle travel might sound, there are also some risks involved with it. It is not always as beautiful as those photos of travelers posing with their full-equipped motorbikes on Instagram. So, to prepare you for any unpleasant surprises that might pop up on your journey, here is a list of some of the pros and cons of long motorcycle trips.

Pros of Motorcycle Travel
• You are immersed in your travel: With other forms of travel, you are confined to a metal box and looking through the window like a passive watcher. But travel by motorcycle is a different ballgame. You’re stepping into the landscape and getting immersed in it. You feel the cool breeze on your face, the warm sun on your skin; you notice how the wind swishes around your body and even enjoy the occasional bug-eating. With motorcycle travel, you are actively participating in the whole scenery and not just passing by.

• Freedom and Flexibility: The freedom that comes with traveling by motorcycle is exhilarating. Imagine riding down the road and seeing a breathtaking view. You can pull over and admire it for as long as you can without worrying if the tour bus left you or not. You can move and stop as you like, eat wherever you want to, and can take bathroom breaks whenever you feel like it.

• Easy to go around traffic jams in big cities: Taking a trip to big cities like Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Delhi, Bangkok means you will always find traffic jams that stretch over long distances. But riding a bike gives you an advantage, as you can easily maneuver your way and spend less time on the road. That is 100points for motorcycle travel!

• Try Out A Minimalist Lifestyle: Have you been struggling with the act of decluttering your space? Well, you can become better at it with motorcycle travel. With little or no space for storage, motorcycle travel will teach you how to live with few things, decide what’s truly important, and only grab the essentials.

• Discover and explore more: Motorcycle travel helps you discover and explore more places that you would have ordinarily missed out on. Tour buses mostly visit popular and well-established tourist attraction sites. But with your bike, you can get off the beaten tracks, roam freely and discover hidden gems that other tourists overlook. It also allows you to interact well with the locals and learn things you can’t probably find on the internet. If this is not adventurous, I don’t know what else is!

• Better Body and Food Choice: Traveling by motorcycle keeps you physically fit and helps you eat healthily. You learn how to eat more salads, nuts, light food, and avoid fatty meals that can make you sleepy. And since you will be visiting more rural areas with your bike, you can also try organic and unique local delicacies.

• Take Better Pictures: How easy is it to take pictures when riding on a plane or train? But riding on a motorcycle makes it easy to stop and take beautiful photos that you will love for years to come. You can film the winding roads with your GoPro and even take badass pictures wearing your motorcycle gear.

• It is Cheaper: Motorcycle travel is cheaper because it cost less to fill up the gas tank since it is much smaller than that of a car or RV. Also, you get to spend less gas on longer journeys as opposed to traveling by car. You save more money, spend less time at the gas station and also explore more places. Definitely a win-win situation!

• You can go solo or group: Riding a motorcycle allows you to plan how you want your trip. You can decide to go solo, travel with your lover, or join group travel.

Cons of Motorcycle Travel
• More Vulnerability to Harsh Weather: The weather can be unpredictable sometimes. It could be warm and happy one minute, and the other minute, you are battling thunderstorms, extreme cold, or monsoon rains. Moments like this take away the fun of motorcycle travel and make you wish you were riding in a metal box. Sometimes you have to go long distances to get shelter, and you are at more risk of catching a cold. But having a good and waterproof motorcycle riding jackets can reduce your helplessness.

• Less Road Safety: Traveling by motorcycle is not always pink and rosy. Just riding on the curves of a mountain range can be very risky because anything can result in a fall or crash. Even the wind slapping on your face can distract you from the road, so it is better to wear your riding gear at all times.

• Motorcycle Safety: Where to keep your motorcycle while camping outdoor or going for an excursion is another problem with this travel form. You cannot park your bike anyhow as you risk losing or having it stolen, and this can limit your fun.

• Body Pains: People only show the glamorous side of motorcycle travel and keep out the dark side of this travel form. Riding long distances can cause inflamed back muscles, knee atrophy, shoulder ache, and painful knots in the fingers.

Final Thoughts: Motorcycle travel is a fun and beautiful way of seeing the world. So don’t let the cons stop you from having this awesome experience.

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