Order your copy of “Almost Paradise” by Todd Daniel: Available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble and on many publishing platforms

Almost Paradise

Almost Paradise

An emerging author named Todd Daniel has just released his new book by the name of “Almost Paradise.”

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Todd Daniel is an emerging author and many in his circle had eyed the release of his first-ever book. After much wait, he has announced the release of his first book named as Almost Paradise which offers a new perspective to the love life in the early years. The book is now available on all major online publishing platforms including Amazon & Barnes&Noble.

Todd’s story starts when he encounters a beautiful young lady named Amanda in his high school. It was almost love at first sight for both of them. The love story progressed after the parents of both showed their willingness to their relationship. After getting approval from their elders, Todd and Amanda’s love story flourished but they never diverted from their path and gave each other the necessary space. Fast forward, they both got married and the real story begins from there. Their life felt like a roller coaster ride where Todd’s work moves them to different towns but their love for each other remains the same.

When the story moves a little forward, their love produces three kids but despite that, they both decide to adopt a kid from foster care. The decision turns out to be tougher than they had thought and Amanda faces a tough time looking after the children while Todd is away on training exercises. Even in these testing times, Amanda & Todd looked toward God for spiritual strength and resiliency.

Till this point, the story feels ordinary and just like any other happy love story but a twist to the lives of the couple changes everything. Out of blue, Todd discovers a horrific, dark secret from Amanda’s past that he hoped was simply a nightmare. Even after such discoveries, Todd keeps his nerves and shows support to his soulmate.

Interested in reading more? Excited about what Amanda’s secret was and how the couple came together after such an incident? Wait no more. Order the book “Almost Paradise” now from Amazon or Barnes&Noble and start reading it right away.

According to some of Mr. Daniel’s colleagues, they are “super-excited” about the new book being launched and are actively looking forward to reading it. What stops you from ordering the amazing book?

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Order your copy of “Almost Paradise” by Todd Daniel: Available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble and on many publishing platforms 1