New Brochure Features OKW’S Extended Range Of Enclosures & Tuning Knobs For Medical Devices

Medical enclosures and tuning knobs brochure

New brochure features OKW’s extended range of enclosures and tuning knobs for medical devices.

Customized medical enclosures

OKW can supply the enclosures fully customized to suit the medical equipment design.

Designer tuning knobs

OKW’s extensive range of designer tuning knobs with optional LED illumination for medical electronics..

OKW’s extended range of designer enclosures and tuning knobs for medical electronics equipment is detailed in its new brochure.

Our modern enclosures and tuning knobs have always been popular in the field of medical electronics.”

— Sean Bailey

BRIDGEVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA, USA, February 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — OKW has expanded its already-extensive range of products for medical electronics. There are now 42 different enclosure models and six ranges of tuning knobs.

OKW’s new Enclosures & Tuning Knobs For Medical Equipment brochure covers an offering that spans more than 3,000 different products. Applications include wireless/wired remote controls; emergency systems, monitoring and signalling devices; portable solutions for personal protection and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL); analysis, diagnostics and therapy equipment; monitoring systems and IoT; peripheral devices and data acquisition for laboratories and research.

All the products are characterised by ergonomic design, user-oriented functionality, high-quality molding and finishes – and they can all be customized to product designers’ exact requirements.

OKW’s innovative and practical enclosure design offers solutions for the power supply and displays; high ingress protection ratings; high-performance, easy-to-clean materials; recessed surfaces to protect keypads, displays and interfaces.

New models include elegant and ergonomic SLIM-CASE phone-style enclosures for the latest generation of handheld devices; SMART-PANEL wall-mount cases for intelligent building control and monitoring; EASYTEC sensor enclosures that can be cable-tied to rails quickly and easily; a new range of illuminated tuning knobs for menu-driven interfaces.

OKW’s wide range of enclosures accessories enables electronics designers to specify extra functionality. Accessories include docking stations, belt clips, wrist straps, lanyards, bedrail clamps, wall suspension elements, cable glands, IP sealing kits, and Torx screws to help prevent tampering.

Customizing options include CNC machining, lacquering, printing or laser marking of legends and logos, decor foils, special materials, RFI/EMI shielding, installation and assembly.

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New Brochure Features OKW’S Extended Range Of Enclosures & Tuning Knobs For Medical Devices 1