MoxyTech releases the GeoPain API, bringing precision to pain care

Example of GeoPain as a mobile app or plugin for EHR or digital health system.

GeoPain API as an app or health dashboard plugin.

Average pain for Fibromyalgia patients using GeoPain

Pain “hot spots” reported by Fibromyalgia patients.

The clinically validated 3D body interface and Machine Learning insights allow digital health to be precise with pain and avoid costly mistakes.

ANN ARBOR, MI, UNITED STATES, February 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — MoxyTech, a pioneer in digital pain technologies, today announced the release of GeoPain:Amp, a new service API that will transform digital health by helping patients and clinicians accurately communicate and act on pain to improve care and avoid costly mistakes in the clinic.

The clinically validated GeoPain API allows patients to “paint” their pain location and intensity using an intuitive 3d body interface. This unique approach provides higher accuracy and less bias when compared to traditional methods (e.g. the 0-10 scale), which are often over-generalized, unreliable, and affected by mood. Those with disabilities, language barriers, and pediatrics face additional challenges when trying to distill their pain into a single 0-10 number. Everyone can now capture and communicate the nuances of their pain through GeoPain.

“With chronic pain, the details matter. Our goal with GeoPain is to provide a common language and shared perspective for pain across all patients, clinicians, and disciplines so people can get the care they need while also lowering the risk for those embracing digital health.” said Eric Maslowski, Co-Founder and CEO of MoxyTech.

Pain is the #1 reason for seeking medical care. In the U.S. alone There are nearly 100 million patients with chronic pain. It’s not uncommon for these patients to experience long treatment cycles, increased costs, lost productivity and employment, and higher rates of anxiety, depression, and suicide. With 40%-80% of pain patients misdiagnosed, better data is urgently needed to enable better decisions. With the rapid adoption of telehealth, and use of algorithms for clinical guidance, quality data and engaging patient experiences are crucial to provide quality care for the growing number of chronic pain patients.

“More objective pain measures and connected care to patients is incredibly important, as is the exchange of pain information with proper permissions and controls,” said Alexandre DaSilva, co-founder of MoxyTech and a tenured associate professor in the Biologic and Materials Sciences & Prosthodontics department at the U-M School of Dentistry. “Such integrated analytics at patient or population levels allow us more efficient development and precise evaluation of therapies for pain that chronically affects millions of lives.”

Intended for integration with existing digital health solutions, but also supporting standalone deployments, the GeoPain API gives those creating digital tools and health platforms a reliable way to capture, communicate, and understand pain. The patient reported data is resistant to mood and matches how the brain itself interprets pain through mu-opioid production, as verified through multiple neuroimaging studies. This allows digital health solutions to rely on GeoPain as a more objective biomarker for pain that is equal in quality to their remote blood pressure monitors, scales, etc.

Behind the 3d body interface is a flexible data model built specifically to support visual data analysis and Machine Learning (ML) solutions at the individual level and across populations. GeoPain’s supporting HIPAA compliant data services were developed together with leaders in pain healthcare and technology. Each patient reported “pain entry”, which can take less than a minute for a patient to enter, is composed of thousands of anatomically referenced data points and relevant contextual information about pain (e.g. symptoms, triggers, dermatomes, treatments, etc.). This rich data gives solution architects a wealth of proven data to craft personalized user experiences while also introducing reliable ML outcomes in real-time. Instead of relying on traditional tables, charts and graphs, the results can also be shown directly on the 3D body model and animated to highlight trends over time. This helps patients and their entire healthcare team clearly integrate and understand their diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes.

As part of the launch, MoxyTech is partnering with several national pain foundations as part of a #MyPainMatters campaign. The campaign’s focus is to develop a data driven understanding of specific conditions, advance research/treatments, and provide unique insights to those living with the condition. Initial conditions scheduled for early 2022 include Fibromyalgia (National Fibromyalgia Association), Migraine (Association of Migraine Disorders), and Trigeminal Neuralgia (Facial Pain Association).

The GeoPain API is immediately available for license. If interested, reach out to Eric Maslowski (eric.maslowski@moxytech.net) for more information.

MoxyTech is a software and data company located in Ann Arbor, MI, and founded in 2014. Their line of subjective and objective pain measures allows for precise tracking, analysis, and communication of pain data. Their patient-centric flagship product, GeoPain (www.geopain.com), introduces a clinically proven alternative to traditional pain scales like a scale of 1-10. Through an intuitive 3D body interface, patients can quickly capture pain location, intensity, symptoms, and treatments they may be taking. The result is a rich data set, Machine Learning outcomes, and visual reports that provide clinicians, researchers, and patients the most accurate patient-reported pain record currently available. For more information on MoxyTech or GeoPain, please contact Eric Maslowski (eric.maslowski@moxytech.net).

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