Leading Fashion House Pride And Egoos Enters the Publishing Market With New Magazine

Leading Fashion House Pride And Egoos Enters the Publishing Market With New Magazine 1

Pride and Egoos presents the culture and the key players in it like BET’s Aisha Hall

This is the culture’s magazine; we just happen to be privileged to publish it.”

— Gary Neal Jr

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Premier clothing line Pride And Egoos is expanding its reach with a new magazine publication geared at creating enriching culturally conscience content.

The new magazine is available in digital format and hardcopy on-demand publication Issuu.com. The team behind the magazine is proud to leverage the cultural absences left by the iconic magazines of the past, such as the prominent Jet magazine. Pride And Egoos is an acronym that stands for People Representing Individuality Diversity Equality/ Everybody’s Got Our Own Stories. With this as his guiding dogma, founder Gary Neal Jr is adamant about creating a dedicated space to showcase various cultures and talents while bolstering a robust network.

Recognizing that Dallas Ft Worth is growing due to a rapid migration rate, Pride and Egoos is seizing the moment to capitalize on this perfect opportunity by engaging with a growing captive audience. The magazine is a quarterly publication showcasing Grammy Nominated artists, fashion, celebrity stylist, influencers, and so much more. The magazine costs only $10, with a current year long waiting list of enthusiasts excited to be in the publication.

“The magazine is a natural extension of our brand, which has a clothing line and published books available. We are about creating legacies by telling stories, Pride and Egoos Presents, let us be a part of your legacy by telling your story, ” excitedly shares founder Gary Neal Jr.

Each quarterly issue is filled with excellence and entertainment of the highest quality. Readers can expect to discover up-and-coming talent, stay up to date with their favorite celebrities, all while immersing themselves in art, beauty, knowledge, and culture.

The creative team behind the groundbreaking magazine prides itself on creating a space where burgeoning talent can freely express themselves. The magazine has solidified itself not just as an entertainment outlet but also as a highly sought-after vehicle of information for businesses to interact with, attain and retain customers.

The Pride And Egoos Team is excited to undertake a project of this magnitude and impact. They intend not to just create a high-quality publication that rivals the best but a beacon of opportunity and empowerment that possesses global prominence.

About Pride And Egoos
Pride And Egoos is a chic modern clothing line focusing on upscale stylish urban wear. Created by a veteran, the fashion house designs modish men’s and women wear in vibrant prints and hues. Customers can expect to find an extensive catalog of products ranging from sportswear, hoodies, tees, and handbags. Pride and Egoos is proud to create apparel that tells a story while inspiring wearers to live in their truth and freely express themselves by becoming art and the walking embodiment of their stories.

To advertise or be featured in Pride And Egoos Presents email prideegoos@gmail.com or dm @prideegoospodcast on Instagram
This is your magazine, we just happen to publish it!

Gary Neal Jr.
Pride And Egoos

Leading Fashion House Pride And Egoos Enters the Publishing Market With New Magazine 2