Khalsa Website Designers Punjab Openly Supporting Farmer’s Protest.

web design companies in Punjab

web design companies in Punjab

Website designers in Punjab

Website designers in Punjab

Website Designer Punjab Daljit Singh

Website Designer Punjab Daljit Singh

The best website designing company in Punjab has been openly supporting the protest of farmers. The name of this brand is Khalsa Website Designers Punjab.

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KARTARPUR, PUNJAB, INDIA, August 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Punjab’s best website designer, Mr Daljit Singh from Khalsa Website Designers Punjab clearly announced that Khalsa Website Designers openly stands with the farmers in this protest.

Further, the best website designer in Punjab, Daljit Singh shared, though the protest has been initiated against the formations of the Three Illegal Farms bills followed by against the violation of the various fundamental democratic rights of the citizens of India.

Since the very inception of the Farmer’s protest in Punjab and even thereafter at the borders of the capital has been continuously supporting the farmer’s protest and he will keep on helping and supporting the farmers protest until farmers win against all the odds.

After all the odds or tactics played by the government, our farmers are still protesting. This website design company in Punjab supported farmers by contributing, helping, providing and fulfilling the needs of farmers.

Now, it has taken the form of revolution amongst the farmers supported by “WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA”, for awakening DEAD SOULS and raising the moral conscience of the corrupt politicians, materialistic, anti-social elements of the society, at large.

Further, the CEO of Khalsa Website Designers Punjab opened the discussion stating that as we know amidst, the corona pandemic, here, the whole world is sitting indoors to protect themselves but farmers are still sitting at protest sites.

Not only for their democratic rights but also against the illegal inception of the three farm bills with hook and crook just to support the corporate world within and outside India.


To benefit the industrialist at the national as well as at the international level. The different tactics have been used to suppress the voices of Sikh farmers to shaken the protest roots by labelling them as uneducated, ill-mannered, druggists, uneducated, low status, terrorists, etc.

His web design company is one of the best website designer Punjab and the website developer Punjab shared that he himself is Punjabi (Sikh) and he is highly educated. He has completed his education in Australia and his team members are from Punjab who are highly educated and professionals.

Nevertheless, the youth of Punjab is also highly educated and most of us have our roots in the farming community. We are proud children of Sikh farmers.


The farmers have awakened Punjab from the deep sleep and have shaken the roots of the anti-social elements and especial present government from higher to lowest levels.

Further, while discussing with Daljit Singh (website maker Punjab) about the plight of the Farmer’s, who are living in very tough situations during this pandemic.

On one hand, where the general public is forced to stay back at home due to further outbursts of the corona positive cases all over Punjab. In these dire and heart drenching circumstances, the government is taking very strict measures to control the suffering, deaths, remorse, keeping in view the imposed lockdowns and curfews at the national as well as at the state level.

Website designing company in Punjab is really proud to see the strong-willed farmers, who are still continuing the protests; it is our duty and social responsibility to look after their wellbeing and to help them in the best possible manner.


On insisting for several times, at last, the team members of the famous website designers in Punjab had disclosed that on earlier occasions team of best website designing companies in Punjab went at the various protest locations.

4 times went to Delhi borders especially at Singhu and Tikri Border with medicines, wheat, vegetables, socks, beddings, sleepers, jackets, socks, nail cutters, bed sheets, pillows or other useful stuff.

Further, revealed that looking at tough situations of farmers in which they are living and their strong determination. Now, it is for the 5th time that the team of brand Punjabi website designers once again planning to visit the protest sites in August 2021.

Therefore, the team of Khalsa Website Designers Punjab announced that on 1st August 2021. In order, to check and analyse will conduct a small survey at the sites to enquire about the urgent, crucial things required by the farmer brothers, sisters, elders, children sitting at the borders of the national capital.

According, to the prevailing circumstances, pandemic conditions, medical aid required, changing weather as we all know in June summer is at its peak level in Delhi and India have been declared red zone too.


Therefore, web design companies in Punjab while making a humble request to each and everyone who is reading this press release instead of randomly buying things for the farmers at protest requested to buy things with your hard-earned money which is in dire necessity like medicines, ORS Sachets, mosquito nets, etc.

Because recession is going on many people have lost jobs left with no income sources at the same time pandemic is going on at its peak level. For social service, in these harsh circumstances is a really big thing.

Also thanked, the whole team of Khalsa Website Designers Punjab without their hard work too, it was not possible to achieve toppers level in the Tech Industry.


So, now is the time to give back and serve the community to the best abilities. In case anyone wants to help those farmers who are protesting, they should not give their hard-earned money to anyone, they should go to Delhi and check the daily needs of those people staying at the protest. Said Daljit Singh.

If anyone asks Khalsa Website Designers Punjab to take any kind of donation and take the donation to the farmers, the website designing brand will not do that. Mr Daljit requests everyone to stand with farmers by visiting the protest.

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