Jason Freskos Starts Sacred Source Botanicals to Provide Access to High-Quality Natural Immune Boosters

STINSON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — For thousands of years, mankind has relied on a wide range of natural remedies designed to boost immune system health. Somewhere along the way, though, many of these powerful natural remedies have fallen by the wayside. While modern medicine is certainly a blessing, there is still a lot to be gained by supplementing the miracles of modern medicine with the time-proven benefits of natural products.

In order to help provide people all over the world with access to high-quality natural immune boosters, Jason Freskos – the CEO of one of the largest private mortgage lenders in California – decided to start a company he named Sacred Source Botanicals. Sacred Source Botanicals offers a wide variety of medicinal mushrooms and essential oils designed for the purpose of improving immune health. The company was founded in 2019, right before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Jason Freskos, the timing couldn’t have been better.

“When I founded Sacred Source Botanicals in 2019,” Jason says, “I couldn’t have imagined what was around the corner. The coronavirus pandemic caught everyone off guard. What it also did, though, was create a lot of interest in natural immune boosters. There was no cure for the virus back then, no vaccine yet. So all that people could do at first aside from taking precautions to avoid the virus was to try and keep their immune system as healthy as possible. That made our natural immune boosters the perfect product for the times.”

While vaccines for preventing COVID-19 have been available for some time now, interest in natural immune boosters hasn’t waned. Instead, Jason Freskos says that enthusiasm for natural health products is still as high as ever.

“I think the pandemic was a big wakeup call for a lot of people,” Jason says. “People began to realize just how important it was to keep their body healthy and their immune system strong. Now more than ever, a healthy immune system can be the difference between life and death.”

For those who are interested in boosting their immune health through natural means, Jason Freskos believes his company offers the perfect solutions. Sacred Source Botanicals primarily provides products that are manufactured using medicinal mushrooms and essential oils. Certain medicinal mushrooms have been recognized by Eastern medicine for thousands of years for their immune-boosting properties, and Western medicine is finally starting to take notice as well. Essential oils, meanwhile, are another remedy that can be traced back to the very dawn of medicinal treatments, and the health benefits associated with the wide range of available essential oils would fill an entire library.

While medicinal mushrooms are just starting to gain traction in the Western world, essential oils have been a mainstay natural remedy in the United States for quite some time. According to Jason Freskos, though, not all essential oil products on the market today are created equal.

“Obviously there are a ton of essential oil brands on the market,” Jason says. “There were a ton of other companies in the space when I founded Sacred Source Botanicals and there will likely be plenty more popping up in the years to come. But most of these companies don’t actually deliver on what they promise. There’s a huge difference between essential oil products that are made using low-quality ingredients and poor manufacturing procedures and essential oil products that are manufactured the right way. At Sacred Source Botanicals, we use the best ingredients that money can buy and cutting-edge manufacturing processes designed to yield the purest possible product. It’s not the easiest or more cost-effective way to do business, but we believe it’s the best way to do business. Especially when people’s health is on the line.”

When it comes to combating infection from bacteria and viruses, no line of defense is more important than the body’s immune system. For this reason, Jason Freskos says that focusing on natural immune boosters was an easy choice for the company.

“You wouldn’t send an army into battle without the right weapons and supplies, so you shouldn’t send your immune system into battle unprepared either,” Jason says. “The mission of Sacred Source Botanicals is to provide the natural immune boosters that people need to keep their immune systems as strong and ready for action as possible. And it’s a mission that everyone at the company is very proud of.”

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Jason Freskos Starts Sacred Source Botanicals to Provide Access to High-Quality Natural Immune Boosters 1