How to give your social life a boost with free tickets to films and events

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LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, August 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — How to give your social life a boost with complimentary tickets to films and events.

As lockdown eases most people are keen to get out and what better way to have plenty of opportunities than becoming a seat filler!

One of the Entertainment Industry best kept secrets is that most venues and events will have unsold tickets and need ‘bums on seats’ at some stage. This gives those in the know the chance to get incredible offers of complimentary tickets or on guest lists for invite only events!

How do you get free tickets?

ShowFilmFirst, a private members club that is free to join, offers complimentary tickets to Festivals, Theatres, Films and much more. The only stipulation is that members have to be respectful of venue rules, as all tickets are on the QT – so dont talk about where you get your tickets from, but DO spread the word on what you have seen or where you’ve been!

Why would you get free tickets to see films in cinema, before they are released?

It is proven that word of mouth/personal recommendation is the biggest influence for choosing a film. Seeitfirst preview films before they open in cinemas, inviting target audiences to talk and discuss what they have seen and recommend films to networks of family and friends.

How to get on the guest list for films, shows, theatre, festivals, gigs and other events

The usual question is why? There are many reasons seats need filling, for example ensuring there is a full auditorium on press night for show openings; or increasing concession sales at festivals; simply showcasing new venues; or testing comedy acts on smaller audiences.

Look forward to emails

By signing up to Showfilmfirst you will be emailed when there are films to preview with Seeitfirst, research screenings through film-research.com and all kinds of opportunities from SFF events!

For more UK and Australia information and to sign up: showfilmfirst.info/about

In the US seeitfirst.net


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