Fun in English with Hilliard’s New Book

Fun in English with Hilliard’s New Book 1

“Coloring Your Way To Better English!”

Learning the English language doesn’t have to be hard, just get the right book

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — A fun way to learn awaits children in Larry W. Hilliard’s “Coloring Your Way to Better English!” This art book is more than just coloring shapes and figures. Hilliard aims to help kids learn about the essentials in grammar—in the most creative way possible! Each page is filled with coloring activities that are sure to teach English lessons to children.

Dr. Carol Anderson of the US Review of Books says, “The author delves immediately into six aspects of how to use this coloring book to help teach children English. These include using “love and patience in teaching,” starting anywhere in the book, looking for “signs of improvement,” ensuring one is with the child in this process, letting the child develop this work in their own time frame, and celebrating progress.”

After spending twenty-six years serving in the military, Author Larry W. Hilliard is now retired and resides in Arizona. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University-Yavapai and currently attends classes at Yavapai Community College in Prescott, Arizona.

This instructional guide offers a fun experience and gives a host of tips and tricks for learning English. The book’s premise is a positive one with its basic explanations of the English language. Additionally, even when the pictures to color are basic ones, coloring has been proven to help children focus on the topic at hand and can also reinforce the lesson. Hilliard’s work might be a useful supplement in assisting children to better understand basic English skills and enjoy arts as well.

This fun and remarkable book is up for grabs on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats. “Coloring Your Way to Better English” by Larry W. Hilliard is the perfect book to gift a young loved one!

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